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IBM doubles refund for Sparc migrations: News in brief

In today's news in brief, IBM has doubled its refund to Sun Sparc server users that move to IBM Power server hardware, plus news on HP-UX, AdaptivCool and APC.

IBM woos Sun Sparc customers
Today IBM doubled the refund that Sun Sparc customers can receive for migrating to IBM Power servers.

Qualified users can get $8,000 per processor back from the Armonk-based IBM. A customer running a Sun Fire V890 with eight processors would, for example, get $64,000 back from IBM instead of $32,000.

The move is clearly meant to play on fears of Sun users wondering what will happen to their hardware -- and hardware support -- now that Oracle is buying Sun Microsystems Inc.. IBM claims that the company's migration services scored 68 wins in the first quarter of 2009, with 28 coming from Sun.

HP updates HP-UX
Hewlett Packard Co. has released updates to HP-UX 11i v3, as it has done about every six months. The updates including easier delivery models and a way to control processor power according to workload.

A "green active processors" feature allows HP-UX to ramp up or slow down the speed of the Intel Itanium processor, saving energy when workloads are light. Brian Cox, the director of business-critical services at HP, said the chip has built in capabilities, but HP had to write code into HP-UX to take advantage of it. He said the change could save about 4% on a server's power consumption.

The updates also include a way to download HP-UX from high-bandwidth replicated servers to reduce deployment time and allows users to update the operating system while still online, needing only a standard reboot to switch to the new version.

AdaptivCool offers 30-day trial
AdaptivCool, a data center heat management company, announced a 30-day free trial for its data center hotspot product.

The HotSpotr HT-500 is meant to eliminate hot spots in up to three racks. The device attaches to raised floor tiles to provide extra fan power in front of particularly hot racks. The Hotspotr free trial is available through June 20.

Raritan adds new PDU
Raritan has a new power distribution unit (or PDU) to help monitor the energy usage for blade servers and other high-density networking equipment in the data center.

The Dominion PX-4000 is designed without remote outlet power switching to help prevent blade servers from being switched off automatically. The device provides power information on individual blade servers plugged into the power strip as well as inlet temperatures at blade racks. They are rated to work in temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

New APC cooling system targets network closets, small server rooms
Schneider Electric's American Power Conversion, or APC, has added InRow cooling devices, this time targeting network closets and small server rooms.

The InRow SC Systems come with up to 7 kW of cooling capacity in a rack enclosure that's about 2 feet wide. These systems can monitor and adjust cooling capacity the IT equipment's inlet temperatures reamin at the right levels. The system includes a cooling device, an enclosure for racking networking and high-density equipment, and a device to help isolate hot and cold air streams in a server room. It costs about $8,000, according to the product's site.

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