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Unisys launches new servers: News in brief

In today's news in brief, Unisys launches Nehalem processor-based servers that support VMware's vSphere virtualization; Texas Memory Systems now ships 5 TB flash solid-state disks.

Unisys launches new servers, supports VMware vSphere
Tuesday, Unisys Corp. launched new server models in its ES3000 and ES5000 families with the new Intel Xeon "Nehalem" 5500 processors, and made the new VMware vSphere 4 virtualization software available on all Unisys Enterprise Servers.

These servers include the rack- and tower-based ES3000 servers, ES5000 blades and large-scale ES7000 series servers. The new ES3000 models are designed for a range of enterprise applications, and the new ES5000 Model 5300B G2 blade server is designed for virtualization, according to Unisys.

The new ES3000 and ES5000 models cost from $2,400 and $12,500, respectively.

Texas Memory System delivers 5 TB flash solid state disk
Texas Memory Systems' new RamSan-620 flash solid-state disk (SSD) claims to deliver up to 5 TB of storage in a single-2U chassis while using less power than hard disks. A single RamSan-620 unit offers up to 5TB of single-level cell (SLC) Flash, making it the highest capacity SLC Flash SSD on the market, according to Texas Memory. The flash device also offers 250,000 sustained IOPS for random reads and random writes, and throughput is 3 GB per second. Latency is low, at 80 microseconds for writes - 60 times less than high-performance hard disks-- and it draws only 325 W of power, the company reported.

No price information was available.

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