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FBI raids Dallas data center colocation company

In today's news in brief, the FBI raided Core IP Networks, a data center colocation company, and Facebook is reportedly seeking up to $100 million to build new data centers.

FBI raids data center collocation company
The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided a Dallas colocation data center early Thursday morning, apparently as part of an investigation into a company that once bought services from the colo.

The Dallas Star-Telegram reported that the FBI seized computer equipment from Core IP Networks LLC, with an FBI spokesman saying the search warrant will likely be unsealed in a few days.

According to a letter posted online by Core IP CEO Matthew Simpson, the raid happened at its location at 2323 Bryan St., which, according to local address records also has data center-related businesses such as Digital Realty Trust, Telx and Capstar Commercial Real Estate.

"The only data that I have received thus far is that the FBI is investigating a company that has purchased services from Core IP in the past," Simpson wrote. "This company does not even colocate with us anywhere, much less 2323 Bryan Street Datacenter."

Simpson added that there were 50 businesses without access to email and data due to the raid. "If you run a datacenter, please be aware that in our great country, the FBI can come into your place of business at any time and take whatever they want, with no reason," he wrote.

Facebook looking for data center money
BusinessWeek reports that the popular online site Facebook is scouting for up to $100 million more in financing to build out its data center infrastructure.

The company reportedly has about 275 million users, almost triple last year's number. According to research from Alexa Internet Inc., it is the fifth most popular Web site in the world. Supporting all those users -- and their uploaded photos and videos takes a lot of servers and storage devices.

The company has at least four data centers in the U.S:. three on the West Coast and one on the East Coast. According to the BusinessWeek story, Facebook added 75 million new users in the past three months, more than its entire U.S. audience. So presumably it will look to start building data centers overseas.

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