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Dell's latest servers promise easier management

In today's news in brief, Dell's new PowerEdge and M-series servers based on Intel Xeon Nehalem processors and EqualLogic storage promise easier management than predecessors.

Dell's new PowerEdge and M-series blade servers based on Intel's soon-to-be-released Xeon "Nehalem" processors include a new management console to compete with Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Insight Control and an EqualLogic storage array.

In a webcast, Dell Senior Vice President Brad Anderson said customer feedback prompted the company to add details, such as metal rails on the hard drives instead of less reliable plastic rails.

The new systems also claim better power efficiency and include standards-based Dell Management Console (DMC), which may help the company compete with rival HP's proprietary management software, and a new EqualLogic PS6000 storage array, which integrates into existing EqualLogic storage area networks (SANs) to create virtualized pools of storage.

In addition, Dell now offers Data Center Consulting and New Systems Management Consulting services.

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