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Novell Open Enterprise beta targets Netware users

Novell boosts scalability and interoperability of Linux-based Open Enterprise utility application with the Service Pack 1 public beta.

To woo existing Netware customers over to the Linux platform, Waltham, Mass.-based Novell Inc. has introduced a beta version of its Linux-based Open Enterprise Server 2

A proprietary utility application that runs on top of SUSE Linux Enterprise, the new Service Pack 1 (SP1) public beta of Open Enterprise Server brings the year-old Open Enterprise application up to par with Netware in performance and scalability and adds new interoperability and ease-of-use features that Netware and other systems lack, according to product manager Sophia Germanides.

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Running printing, storage and directory services, Open Enterprise can now connect many more Windows machines with Macintosh and Linux servers, scaling to thousands of servers using the Common Internet File System, or CIFS, and the Macintosh Appletalk Filing Protocol, or AFP, Germanides said.

SP1 beta also adds two entirely new features. SP1 now has the ability to manage Windows and Novell Netware machines from a central console running either Microsoft Active Directory or Netware's eDirectory management program, she said. In addition, SP1 adds a graphical user interface for centralized installation and monitoring of utility and service upgrades, easing the transition from a Netware platform, she said.

The beta application also includes dynamic storage that after six months automatically moves data from disk storage to cheaper alternatives such as tape libraries with no visible change in viewing or access to the end user, she added. A year ago, this feature was included in the first Open Enterprise version but is still not available on Netware or Windows, Germanides said. Finally, SP1 also includes several utilities for printing, filing and data synchronization, she said.

Collectively, these improvements boost Open Enterprise scalability, performance, management and ease of use, giving users greater incentive to migrate to Linux, she said.

"We're delivering more than our customers expected," Germanides said. "They're getting more and doing more and saving money in the process."

Open Enterprise SP1 is on track for full release to existing license holders before the end of the year, she said.

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