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Linux Foundation to host first end-user summit

In October, the Linux Foundation will host the End User Collaboration Summit, to foster collaboration among key Linux developers and advanced users.

In October, the San Francisco-based Linux Foundation will host the End User Collaboration Summit to facilitate brainstorming among the top Linux developers and the most advanced users to accelerate development of the Linux platform.

The first meeting of its kind, the summit takes place Oct. 13 and 14 at the Desmond Tutu Center in New York City. Several hundred attendees are expected at the free event, which is by invitation only.

The event will include remarks by Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian; a discussion with Paul Cormier, Red Hat Inc.'s president of products and technologies, and a forward-looking Linux "weather forecast" by Jon Corbet, editor of In addition, there will be a panel presentation of leading users such as the New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and another panel on the future of the platform. Future-focused topics for the latter discussion could include virtualization improvements, next-generation file systems and changes to the kernel that would increase the speed and stability of the platform, according to the foundation's executive director, Jim Zemlin.

Setting this gathering apart, however, is built-in time during one-on-one meetings beweeen attendees and lead Linux developers heading the real time, file systems, virtualization, performance tuning and power management teams during the first day. Most of the second day will be earmarked for track sessions to discuss legal issues, futures, operations, and performance in depth. Google Inc. and other leading users from aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals and health care are expected to attend.

"This is not a trade show," Zemlin said. "This is like a hands-on meeting between all the lead developers and all the people who use Linux at the highest levels."

No other event brings the most sophisticated users together with the most sophisticated developers to talk about where the future direction of the platform and how users use it, Zemlin added.

The collaborative format of the event is in keeping with the success of Linux. The gathering, therefore, strives to become the "missing link," bringing all these people together to share ideas with a large audience and solve big problems, he said.

Additional information about the conference, and an application to request an invitation, is available on the Linux Foundation website.

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