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Uptime Institute Data Center Design Charrette podcasts

Experts at the Uptime Institute Data Center Design Charrette share advice on going green in the data center and upcoming trends that will shape IT operations in the future in this podcast interview series.

SANTA FE, N.M. -- Data center managers convened last week for The Uptime Institute's Data Center Design Charrette 2007. Attendees broke out into small working groups to brainstorm on DC (direct current) power in the data center, rethinking data center cooling assumptions and developing a holistic measurement for "Green IT".

In this series of podcasts from the event, interviewed experts on a range of topics relating to energy use and developing metrics to measure data center efficiency.

ASHRAE to expand recommended server temp and humidity range
Roger Schmidt, chairman of The American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Technical Committee 9.9 outlines ASHRAE's plans to expand the recommended temperature and humidity range for servers.

ASHRAE to standardize data center energy measurements
Looking for a way to measure your data center energy use but don't know how to do it? Roger Schmidt outlines ASHRAE's plans to address and standardize data center energy measurement processes.

Where to measure IT versus infrastructure power use — PDU or the UPS?
There are two places to measure data center energy use, at the power distribution unit or at the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). What's the difference and what are the tradeoffs? The Uptime Institute's Pitt Turner explains.

Servers don't sweat: Raise your chilled water temp
Pitt Turner explains the difference between sensible and latent cooling in the data center, and how latent cooling is expensive and unnecessary.

What's your server worth to you?
Jonathan Koomey, a professor at Stanford University and staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory explains how vertical industries could come up with a way to assign quantitative values to servers. By flipping the traditional TCO model that focuses on costs, companies could develop a new way of looking at IT investments.

EPA to data centers: Go green for "energy security"
Andrew Fanara, head of the EPA Energy Star product development team that is focusing on data centers, says IT pros need to consider energy security as a risk to data center operation. Using energy more efficiently is one way to mitigate that risk.

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