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X86 servers drive data center purchases in 2007

We surveyed 374 data center managers in North America in our 2007 data center purchasing survey. Find out where your data center dollars are going. recently completed its data center purchasing survey and found one overarching trend: x86 servers are driving data center purchases across the board. Windows and Linux are the most popular and fastest growing operating system platforms. The 1-2 unit rackmount is the most popular server form factor. Power prices due to distributed computing are going through the roof. Change manamgent tools and ITIL frameworks are necessary to track who changed what setting on which server why and when.

In 2007, IT budgets grew an average of 4.7%. Despite this conservative overall budget growth, IT managers are dealing with explosive data center demand. This survey shows where respondents' data center dollars are going.

Platform choices: Is Unix a legacy platform?
This section discusses operating system growth rates and explores whether the Unix variants, which show little growth, should be considered legacy platforms.

Server virtualization: Virtual disaster recovery takes hold
This section illustrates the growth of server virtualization and users' preferences on the various flavors of virtualization available. It also indicates increased use of virtualization in disaster recovery scenarios.

Server hardware: HP scrapping for scale-out dominance
What server hardware form factors are people buying, and which vendors are offering the most server for the money? Find out in this segment.

Systems management: Spending tepid, ITIL and CMDB gain credence
In 2007, only 40% of IT managers plan to spend more on systems management tools. Those making investments are interested in software support for ITIL initiatives and CMDB tools.

Data center infrastructure: Too soon for liquid cooling
Less than half of survey respondents pay their power bill directly out of an IT budget, but 75% are trying to cut back on energy usage. A surprising number say liquid cooling is not an option.

ABOUT THIS SURVEY: In the spring of 2007, conducted its first annual data center purchasing survey. Subscribers were contacted by email and invited to participate. For this survey, we had a total of 374 respondents in North America. Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.

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