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AMD introduces new Opteron processor

AMD introduces a new Opteron processor updated its performance predictions for its upcoming quad-core chip.

Marking the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) Opteron processor and AMD64 technology, AMD today announced availability and pricing for the Opteron Model 2222 and 8222 SE x86 dual-core server processors.

The new processor, which is available in several configurations today, is designed for critical server functions, including Web serving, scalability and floating point calculations.

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AMD also disclosed updated performance projections for its upcoming native quad-core AMD Opteron processors, code-named Barcelona. The new Barcelona projections are based on the latest SPECcpu2006 benchmarks and show that AMD expects to have up to a 50% advantage in floating point performance and 20% in integer performance over the competition -- Intel's highest performing quad-core processor at the same frequency, according to AMD.

These results, as well as the latest benchmark tests, based on AMD Opteron Model 2222 and 8222 SE processors can be found at

Performance per watt calculator

For IT decision makers interested in performance per watt, AMD recently launched the AMD Platform Power Calculator. The tool allows customers to compare estimated power consumption of servers based on AMD Opteron processors that span 68W, 95W and 120W thermal envelopes and similar servers based on dual-core processors from the competition.

To learn more about how AMD Opteron processors help you get more performance using less power, visit For pricing information, visit .

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