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Sun servers, storage and services on sale

Sun is selling select Sun Fire and UltraSPARC servers at deep discounts in honor of its 25th anniversary.

Sun Microsystems Inc. is offering online deals for the next two weeks on its most popular products starting today to mark the company's 25th anniversary, including select Sun Fire and UltraSPARC servers .

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Sun will offer limited quantities of select products, such as UltraSPARC and industry-standard Sun Fire servers, Sun StorageTek systems, services and software at discounts of up to 65% in the U.S. and the U.K.

"The goal of this sale is to get innovative technology out to new customers and markets and hopefully develop a lifecycle with them," said Marsha Cavanagh, vice president, lifecycle marketing at Sun.

Over the past year, Sun has been speaking with potential customers on how they choose server hardware and what they are interested in. The company rolled out its "Try and Buy" program to let users test their products for free before making a purchase commitment. It also started a program called "Startup Essentials."

The company has also changed how it communicated with customers and now focuses on blogs to drum up interest in its products.

Sun server sale highlights

The promotional prices are available online at Sale highlights include:

  • Systems: 50% off the Sun Fire x4500 and the Sun Fire x4600; up to 60% off Sun Fire CoolThreads systems; and up to 50% off high-performance x64/x86 and SPARC workstations.
  • Storage: Up to 65% off network attached storage (NAS) systems, such as the Sun StorageTek 5320 and 5220 NAS appliances.
  • Services: Sun is offering lower cost training and quality services, including Solaris subscriptions priced less than commercial Linux, for 40% off a service plan with the
  • SunSpectrum Instant Upgrade program and 25% off most Solaris support subscriptions.

Sun also launched a Web site honoring the company's innovations over the years with videos from CEO Jonathan Schwartz and chairman and Co-founder Scott McNealy, historical timelines, photos and more.

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