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BakBone backs up Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

BakBone is expanding its Linux-based data protection portfolio to include the recently released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

BakBone Software Inc., a provider of Linux data protection applications, has announced that its NetVault: Backup and NetVault: Replicator applications are now supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5).

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BakBone's NetVault: Backup provides data protection for heterogeneous environments running both Microsoft Windows and Linux. NetVault: Replicator delivers continuous, cross-platform data replication for multi-platform environments.

Rhoda Phillips, an analyst with Framingham, Mass.-based IDC, noted both products will feature an upgraded user interface meant to simplify administrative duties for IT managers. BakBone executives said the UI features a common look and feel regardless of the platform it is running on.

"They've improved their user interface, and across board they've made their products easier to use," Phillips said. "These are the kind of things that are important to IT managers that don't have a very big IT department."

Indeed, Phillips said the SMB market is probably where BakBone will find its best fit for now, although there were signs the company was making inroads into the enterprise thanks to its support offerings for Windows and more than 50 different Linux distributions.

The broad Linux support provided by BakBone accommodates IT managers looking to broaden the scope of their data center protection beyond just Windows environments, Phillips said. "This announcement caters to IT managers who want Linux capability and broader coverage and do not want to be beholden to one backup application that only supports Windows," she said.

This is the second open-source-related announcement in as many months for BakBone. In February, BakBone announced that NetVault: Backup APM was available for open source database MySQL version 3.0.

BakBone's competition to date in the space is light. BackupExec, NetBackup, CommVault, IBM Tivoli and Legato do not yet have MySQL support built into their offerings. NetVault: Backup APM for MySQL 3.0 is available today for Intel x86, Linux, Linux x86/64 and the Linux pSeries for $1,075. BakBone was also first to market with RHEL 5 support. RHEL 5 launched on March 14.

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