Dell services target the hyperscale data center

Dell is eyeing large cloud computing data centers with built-to-order hardware, capacity planning and deployment services.

Dell Inc. announced its Dell Cloud Computing Solution on Tuesday, the first offering developed by its new business unit -- the Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) Division. The move is designed to address the needs of businesses operating hyperscale computing environments that require rack and data center design–to–order technology and services.

Dell's design-to-order model eliminates the so-called feature tax often incurred by customers seeking to leverage general-purpose servers, storage, and networking equipment and services.

"By custom designing hardware and service, Dell engineering enables these customers to optimize the performance of their IT infrastructure for their particular applications," a Dell spokesperson said. "It's a new level of customer engagement and intimacy that enables DCS to provide complete, customized solutions specific to the needs of these customers."

Cloud computing defined

Dell's Cloud Computing Solution is designed to provide data center optimization, increased energy efficiency, lower deployment and overall management overhead. It is intended for customers whose IT infrastructure, or compute cloud, is the "factory" for their business.

Cloud computing is a relatively new type of computing environment espoused by vendors, such as Google Inc. and, which combines a grid software approach with a redundancy/availability layer provided by software with reasonably homogenous application loads. As such, traditional high-availability hardware features and broad software support of all-purpose computers are overkill. Compute scale is best served by custom-designed servers optimized for these customers' specific applications. The applications utilize a cluster of servers as a virtual computing service, or a "cloud," the spokesperson said.

Businesses requiring hyperscale computing environments -- where infrastructure deployments are measured by up to millions of servers, storage and networking equipment -- are changing the way they approach IT to drive revenue growth and decrease operational expenses, according to Brad Anderson, senior vice president, Dell product group.

Data-intensive customers, like Web 2.0 companies, financial services organizations, national government agencies and laboratory environments will benefit most from the new offering.

Key elements of the customizable Dell Cloud Computing Solution include:

  • Capacity planning for the data center -- Dell assesses thebusiness needs and requirements of each customer in the context of physical and logical limitations.
  • Designed-to-order hardware -- Prototyping and building hardware solutions are optimized for specific customer requirements.
  • Component optimization -- Dell engineers work at the component level to "right size" and optimize for performance and total cost of ownership, without delivering unnecessary components or features.
  • Custom services -- Onsite Dell support personnel are available to deploy and service hardware as needed.

The Dell Cloud Computing Solution is available immediately in the U.S. For more information on Dell Data Center Solutions and the Dell Cloud Computing Solution, visit

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