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BakBone delivers MySQL 3.0 backup option

BakBone Software is hoping to capitalize on the rising tide of enterprise-class MySQL database deployments with NetVault: Backup APM for MySQL 3.0.

Backup software provider BakBone Software Inc., has announced the immediate availability of NetVault: Backup APM for MySQL version 3.0.

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Jeff Drescher, BakBone director of product management, believes it is the first backup product designed specifically for MySQL. Features include consolidated backup and recovery, plus a centralized user console for configuring backup policies.

Drescher said BakBone has witnessed MySQL 3.0 being used by enterprise customers in mission-critical areas. "Being able to have replication more readily available; and being able to have backup with minimal data protection schemas is important to them," he said.

Additional features include full, incremental and differential backups while the database is online. Users can restore complete database instances, individual databases or individual tables, Drescher said.

NetVault for MySQL 3.0 also provides support for MySQL 5.0 should customers choose to upgrade in the future. This includes support for MySQL 5.0 features such as stored procedures, functions, views and triggers. Each of these categories are automatically backed up and restored along with the data, Drescher said.

One customer that has already deployed the NetVault APM for its MySQL database is Vassar College, a private liberal arts institution in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Derek Balling, manager of systems administration at Vassar, manages ten terabytes of data across Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows servers. Before he introduced the APM into the college's network, he relied on a homegrown backup and recovery platform that was having trouble keeping pace with the college's 30% annual storage expansion.

Adding insult to injury was the fact that recovering files from tape or disk was not always successful, and while the existing backup system performed adequate load balancing for [disk-to-disk] repositories, it was complicated to use.

With BakBone, Balling said the native MySQL support eliminated the need for custom scripting and reduced administrative overhead by 80%, thanks to automation. An impeding storage spike that is expected to raise storage requirements by 15 TB has Balling and his staff undaunted. "Confidence is high," he said.

Competition to date in the space is light. BackupExec, NetBackup, CommVault, IBM Tivoli and Legato do not yet have MySQL support built into their offerings. NetVault: Backup APM for MySQL 3.0 is available today for Intel x86, Linux, Linux x86/64 and the Linux pSeries for $1,075.

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