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Data center cooling strategies audiocast

This audio cast series tackles the latest data center cooling issues with Liebert Corporation's data center cooling expert Steve Madara. sat down with Liebert Corporation's data center cooling expert Steve Madara to get his take on data center cooling strategies. This MP3 audiocast series deals with raised floors, liquid cooling in the data center and other data center cooling topics.

  Data center cooling strategies:  

  • The end of raised floors in the data center?
    As power densities increase can data center managers continue using raised floors for cooling their servers? Time -- 2:11

  • Pump refrigerant vs. chilled water liquid cooling
    Are there advantages of using one liquid cooling method over another? Find out in this clip. Time -- 2:53

  • Measuring dew point in the data center
    Achieving the correct humidity in the data center is important to prevent condensation and static electricity. In this clip, Steve Madara discusses the science of measuring the dew point in the data center. Time -- 4:53

  • Are air-side economizers viable data center cooling options?
    Some energy efficiency advocates say data centers should use outside air to cool servers. Is this a viable data center cooling strategy? Time -- 2:16

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