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Data center trends 2006 audiocast

Top stories of 2006 on reviewed; topics include metrics, mainframes, blades, site location, power and cooling and data center staffing.'s Matt Stansberry sat down with's Alex Howard to discuss the top data center stories of 2006. On the menu in this audiocast are stories about metrics, mainframes, blades and power and cooling, to name a few. Download the MP3 and the accompanying slides to review what happened in 2006 on

  Data center review of 2006:  

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      Program highlights:  

  • (:40) What was the most popular story of the year?

  • (3:14) How big were mainframes in 2006?

  • (4:59) HP promotes blades, Dell downplays them.

  • (5:54) Data center site location selection.

  • (7:44) Are data centers going green?

  • (12:35) Liquid cooling.

  • (13:52) Wrap-up.

      Program Links:  

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