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Tuning software staves off mainframe upgrades

AQM Solutions has updated its mainframe application tuning software. Also: customer wins from Sun and Active Power; product news from Cassatt, EMC, Terracotta and Transistor Devices.

Mainframe applications get tuned by AQM

AQM Solutions Inc., a mainframe application performance company, has updated its TriTune software to improve monitoring of batch and SQL jobs.

This update affects two TriTune features: Application Performance Control (APC) and Dynamic SQL Performance Control (DSPC). APC tracks thousands of batch jobs running in z/OS DB2 environments and can now monitor information on CICS transactions. DSPC looks at SQL workloads in z/OS DB2 environments to help mainframe programmers tighten their queries to run more efficiently.

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Osman Aykut, director of Boston-based AQM and chief technology officer of its parent company, German-based TRILOGexpert, said that TriTune can help mainframe shops identify programs that are taking up too much processing power and reduce that down to postpone upgrading the mainframe.

Cassatt data center management suite creates VLANs

Cassatt Corp. has updated its Cassatt Collage data center management suite, which now includes a Network Virtualization Service (NVS) that automates the creation and configuration of virtual local area networks (VLANs).

"In the past we saw a broad, flat network, and it was all or nothing," said Kevin O'Hare, a sales engineer with Cassatt. With VLAN support, Cassatt Collage 4.0 can automatically configure segmented networks, for better security and availability between applications.

Another new feature in Collage 4.0 is support for the Xen virtual machine manager (VMM) from XenSource within the Collage Cross-Virtualization Manager (XVM) module. Cassatt already supported VMware ESX environments and has promised to support Microsoft Virtual Server in a future release. For financial reasons, "we expect that data centers will have heterogeneous virtualization environments," said Daniel Knight, Cassatt senior solutions architect.

Cassatt Collage 4.0 inventories system resources, monitors them, and provisions and deprovisions them based on user-defined policies. The product works across virtual and physical resources, including Windows, Linux and Solaris SPARC platforms, and it also manages J2EE-based Web services.

EMC offers data center energy efficiency services

Storage company EMC Corp. is now offering services to help data centers improve energy efficiency in their facilities.

The services involve EMC employees assessing your data center environment and making recommendations, such as consolidation, virtualization and storage tiering and they are available now. The company also unveiled the EMC Power Calculator to help its customers determine how much power their EMC storage systems were drawing, and how much it takes to cool them.

Medical research gets boost from Sun servers

Sun Microsystems Inc. has announced that Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is deploying 400 Sun Fire x64 servers in a high-performance computing (HPC) environment for medical research.

The Los Angeles-based medical center will use the cluster to analyze proteins in patients' blood samples to develop treatments for health issues, such as cancer, heart disease and epilepsy. In addition to the servers, the medical center will also use Sun storage and software. The medical research center is expected to generate 4 terabytes (TB) of data every day by next year and 8 TB daily by 2008.

Backup power system from Active Power snags customer

An auto brakes manufacturer has chosen an alternative backup power system from Active Power for its data center.

Continental Teves Inc., based in Auburn Hills, Mich., is going with Active Power's CoolAir UPS system. When power goes out, a valve releases compressed air stored in tanks that powers a small turbine to provide power. Meanwhile, the process produces leftover cold air that can be used to cool the data center.

Continental was looking for protection from intermittent power flashes to prevent its production line from hiccupping. The CoolAir system, according to company president Jim Clishem, can provide up to 20 minutes of backup power and cooling during a power outage.

Java clustering software company goes open source

Terracotta Inc. is open sourcing its Java clustering application in an attempt at more widespread adoption.

The San Francisco company helps data centers achieve high availability by clustering servers without having to rewrite their Java applications. It will now offer the open source software for free and provide support under a commercial subscription.

Liquid-cooled power supply hits the market

Transistor Devices Inc. has released a new liquid-cooled AC and DC power supply.

The company said its 7kW power supply can cut down on how much cooling data centers need to provide because the power supplies are liquid cooled. Liquid cooling is known to be much more effective than air cooling, although many data center managers worry about liquid ruining equipment in their facilities..

Transistor said the new power module has a connection to the liquid cooling supply that limits leakage, and is available with either aluminum or copper piping to help facility managers keep the metals in their data center from corroding compatible to prevent corrosion.

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