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Open Season: Google searches code

Google launches Google Code Search; Fonality scoops up world's largest Asterisk-based community in trixbox.

Google Code Search combs public repositories

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Google has revealed that billions of lines of code are now available for you to search through via a new initiative called Google Code Search.

Google Code Search on Google Labs provides a place where users can search for publicly accessible source code. It looks like a regular Google Search page but instead of searching Web pages, it searches code contained in repositories like CVS and SVN, which Google has indexed.

Fonality acquires open source project trixbox

Fonality, an IP telephony systems vendor for SMBs and the world's largest commercial Asterisk-based deployment, has acquired trixbox, the world's largest Asterisk-based community.

Trixbox founder Andrew Gillis will join Fonality, which will commit engineering resources and financial support to the trixbox open source community.

Trixbox will remain an open source project licensed under the general public license (GPL), which encourages innovative software development both within the Asterisk environment and the larger open source community.

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