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Open Season: Firm bets the farm on open source database

Agricultural firm replaces IBM DB2 with EnterpriseDB; Eric Raymond joins Freespire board; GroundWork 5.0 now live.

Firm replaces IBM DB2 with EnterpriseDB

EnterpriseDB announced this week that Agri Stats Inc. has selected EnterpriseDB Advanced Server to replace its xBase and IBM DB2 databases. Agri Stats uses its database to aggregate and analyze operating data from companies in the industries it serves, including the broiler, egg, turkey and swine industries, and to prepare reports for its clients.

Agri Stats' database of industry information has been collected over the past two decades and contains nearly a terabyte of data. Currently, it is growing at nearly 50 gigabytes per month. Before the migration to EnterpriseDB, Agri Stats maintained the database using xBase, a flat-file database, and IBM's DB2/400.

When the xBase database's large size made custom reporting using xBase impractical, Agri Stats chose IBM's DB2 Workgroup Edition relational database as an upgrade to both xBase and DB2/400. However, DB2's instability and frequent crashes in the test environment made it unsuitable for Agri Stats' mission-critical production needs.

Since the switch to EnterpriseDB, executives from Agri Stats said the firm has enjoyed trouble-free operation.

GroundWork Monitor 5 now live

GroundWork Open Source Inc. released version 5.0 of its IT monitoring software this week. According to GroundWork executives, the new release adds a monitoring framework, executive-level dashboards and reporting features.

The GroundWork Monitor product line includes a basic GroundWork Monitor Open Source, which is free for download; GroundWork Monitor Small Business for organizations with up to 50 servers or networked devices to monitor; and GroundWork Monitor Professional for larger organizations.

With version 5 of GroundWork Monitor Professional, IT professionals can give their customers and end users individually tailored insight into the operations of the IT service infrastructure.

Eric Raymond joins Freespire board

Eric Raymond, one of the co-founders of the open source movement, has become the newest member of the Freespire Leadership Board. Freespire is a community-driven, Linux-based operating system.

In recent weeks, Raymond has said desktop Linux is entering into a critical period, noting that, historically, users have shifted operating systems during periods of fundamental changes in hardware platforms. He said the movement to a 64-bit world will provide desktop Linux a unique window of opportunity, which, if missed, may not come along again for many years.

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