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Server specs: CA updates Unicenter NSM

CA updates Unicenter NSM; Splunk launches version 2.1; and more data center news.

CA updates Unicenter Network and Systems Management

CA, Inc. has released a new version of its Unicenter Network and Systems Management (NSM) product that includes a management database based on Microsoft SQL Server to integrate with other CA products using the database.

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The Islandia, N.Y.-based company said that Unicenter NSM r11.1 provides improved virtualization techniques, a management command center, and the ability to see the entire infrastructure with a single-pane view. IT managers can also set up adaptive controls within the software so that the system only notifies them of more urgent alerts, rather than every single change in the infrastructure.

NSM can also recognize different levels of activity, depending on what time it is.

"Normally, if the server gets to a certain percentage threshold, it alerts me," said Dayton Semerjian, CA operations head for the enterprise systems management business unit. "What the automated piece of this does is you're able to get the baseline set based on the performance of the server during different parts of the day. That new peak will set a new threshold."

The manager component costs $2,000, while each resource being managed is an additional cost that starts at $2,200.

Data center search engine: Splunk 2.1

This week, data center search engine startup Splunk Inc. rolled out a new version of its log and IT data search tool. The software is designed to search for problems or anomalies in IT systems data. The San Francisco-based company launched its first version in December 2005.

Splunk 2.1 features:

  • 110% performance boost over the previous version.
  • The ability to run the program across multiple servers.
  • New Web-based administration interface.
  • Expanded developer application program interfaces (API) that allow customization, integration and extension of the tool.

    In the last version, Splunk started using RSS feeds to alert IT managers of various issues. Splunk CEO Michael Baum said that users can set the program to run an action similar to Google Alerts, which send users a message whenever Google finds new content with designated keywords.

    Splunk might be set to respond to certain security events -- denied access in an authentication server more than 10 times within an hour on a single IP address, for example. From there, Splunk would send an email or an RSS feed; or it could be programmed to trigger shell scripts that can take other action.

    Baum said the feature isn't only for systems management, but also for compliance.

    "We have customers that have taken Splunk, set up searches, and then give auditors the RSS feed to let them know that they are monitoring the systems. They don't have to send a report, they can just set them up automatically."

    Pricing begins at $2,500 per year.

    Avocent releases mobile phone server control software

    Avocent Corp. has released two SonicAdmin products meant to help data center managers control servers remotely using an enabled mobile phone.

    The software is focused on Windows-based servers and pricing begins at about $100 per user for annual renewable licenses. It can be run from a BlackBerry or any Windows Mobile 5-based device. The software allows IT managers to access any allowed server to view statistics, shut down and reboot, view event logs, and view and manage processes.

    Next up for the company is allowing the software to work on Nokia and Sony Corp. mobile devices.

    Data center power companies meet European environmental directives

    Pentadyne Power Corp., a maker of flywheel backup energy products, has earned compliance with about seven requirements under the European Union's health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

    The Chatsworth, Calif. company's VSS+DC flywheel has met the required directives, such as machinery safety and low voltage, that the European body has implemented, allowing the company to declare that it has CE Marking. The company said that the marking will help it sell product in Europe and are an incentive for American companies concerned that the European requirements will eventually make their way to the U.S.

    Pulizzi Engineering, Inc. has announced that its power distribution units comply with RoHS, the set of European environmental standards spelling out the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

    The Santa Ana, Calif. company said that its first RoHS-compliant product was released in February. Since then, it has brought 25 more products to the market. Companies failing to meet the RoHS directive, which went into effect on July 1, can face fines or prosecution from the European Union if they ship products with the banned substances in Europe.

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