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Open Season: openQRM membership surges; Red Hat champions new public forum

A free preview from Alfresco; Black Duck wins over Eclipse Foundation; Red Hat champions a forum for public discussion; openQRM gets hot

openQRM downloads triple in 90 days

Qlusters Inc. said this week that the count has reached more than 44,000 downloads for its open source project, openQRM, having tripled over the last 90 days.

openQRM is an open source systems management application that includes the management of virtual environments while also providing data center automation.

Qlusters executives said the company has taken several steps to expand the project's presence over the last

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several months, including support for FreeBSD and Solaris as well as plug-ins for virtualization offerings from Linux VServer, QEMU, VMware and Xen.

Leading open source foundation adopts protexIP platform in its IP process

The Eclipse Foundation has purchased and deployed Black Duck Software Inc.'s protexIP/development platform. Eclipse uses protexIP to review software submitted by committers and ensure it complies with the specific software licensing requirements of the Eclipse Foundation.

Eclipse is a community of open source projects, each comprising its own group of independent developers. The process of open source software development regularly involves assembling open source code with invented and reused components, and as a result, various licenses can govern various parts of an application. It's important for Eclipse to evaluate the copyrights governing its code base because of the open nature of its projects.

Red Hat champions a new public forum for software companies

Red Hat Inc. has created a new way for the software industry to contribute real-time, official statements on security vulnerabilities using the National Vulnerability Database.

Executives at Red Hat said the move will enable members of the software industry to officially and publicly comment on vulnerabilities. Red Hat will be the first contributor to the service by providing real-time updates to the NVD about how vulnerabilities may or, just as importantly, may not affect Red Hat products.

Alfresco releases free preview of open source CMS software

This week, Alfresco Software Inc., creator of the first open source enterprise content management application, issued a preview release of Alfresco 1.4.

The highlights of the release include:

  • Complex workflow support - JBoss jBPM integration with JavaScript action integration for sophisticated lifecycle management support
  • Records management - Extended rule activation, retention and archival policies, DOD 5015.2 definitions, Fileplan support
  • Service-oriented auditing - Audit of every service invocation with full query-based reporting
  • MyAlfresco dashboard - Dashboard support for workflow tasks, status and also repository reporting
  • Image capture integration - Kofax integration

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