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Server Specs: BMC updates batch management software

BMC updates Control-M batch management software; APC touts data center test drives; SPEC releases new server performance benchmark.

BMC updates Control-M batch management software

BMC Software Inc. has released a new version of its Control-M batch management application that no longer needs a software agent on each machine that the program is running.

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Gur Steif, vice president of Control-M at BMC, said having the agentless software saves customers money because they don't have to install and provision the agent on different systems, which can take a lot of time. It also eliminates the need to get special security authorizations to install programs on each machine.

Current Control-M customer Robert Stinnett, senior systems analyst and capacity planner for Fairfax, Va.-based Carfax Inc., said his company will investigate the agentless software feature, but they're not going "to jump on it immediately."

Stinnett was more impressed with another feature of the new version of Control-M that better integrates the software's two interfaces -- one for developers, another for the enterprise manager. He said the separate interfaces are good for security purposes, but an integrated interface with the same amount of security is better.

Carfax uses Control-M in its distributed computing environment, bringing systems from the Windows, OpenVMS and Linux platforms under one roof for batch processing management.

The first component of the new version, the central management console, is available this week and is being announced today at the BMC UserWorld Conference in San Francisco. Support for all systems, from mainframe to distributed, is scheduled to be ready by the end of the year.

SPEC releases new server performance benchmark

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) has released a new benchmark measuring the performance of servers.

SPEC, a nonprofit organization, has released CPU2006 to measure integer and floating point performance in servers. The benchmarks are often used as selling points by vendors depending on how well they perform and are a way for customers to measure and compare performance on different machines from different vendors.

CPU2006 is an update from CPU2000 and can measure desktop computers, workstations and all forms of servers. SPEC said results from CPU2006 can't be compared to CPU2000 because SPEC has added new benchmarks and changed others. It said that the new benchmark measures a wider range of applications, including larger applications with longer running workloads.

CPU2006 is now available and costs $800 for new customers, $400 for customers upgrading from CPU2000 and $200 for educational institutions.

NESI releases new IMS software

Neon Enterprise Software Inc. (NESI) released two information management system programs that it claims could reduce CPU use by 50% during database reorganizations.

Eclipse iRepair and Eclipse iLM allow customers to review and repair their Information Management System (IMS) data sets, as well as maintain IMS and CICS libraries for better database performance.

NESI has also updated other Eclipse products, the Reorganization Utilities, Database Director and Mission Control. Together, the products help with database reorganization, application availability during an online reorganization and database analysis.

APC to hold events across the U.S. and Canada

American Power Conversion Corp. (APC) is holding Data Center Test Drive Days throughout the country from Sept. 18-22.

The events are happening at hundreds of locations in 49 states and Canada and are meant to promote APC's InfraStruXure, which is a unit built to act like a data center in a box, with power and cooling built in.

APC will also be hosting social functions, and BMW is sponsoring giveaways at the events.

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