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Open Season: LinuxWorld edition

SpikeSource continues to bolster its VAR ranks; EnterpriseDB saddles up to Sun and Solaris 10; Linspire gives free Debian-based desktop Linux distro a push into the wild.

SpikeSource reels in more application providers for certified open source network

SpikeSource Inc. has signed on more than a dozen new certified application providers, bringing its total to nearly 50. SpikeSource uses these partnerships to certify and deliver open source applications to small and mid-sized businesses as well as larger enterprises.

The newest partners include AgileCo, Dextrus ProSoft, Echo Lane, eTouch, Exigent, Gamma Partners, Hitachi Content Management, IM Serv, Inverse, Open Sky, R-Cube, Rocket Science and Xtelesis.

EnterpriseDB will provide PostgreSQL support for apps running Sun's Solaris 10

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EnterpriseDB has been selected by Sun Microsystems Inc. to provide technical support and related professional services and training for Sun's PostgreSQL offering. Sun recently integrated PostgreSQL, an open source database, into its Solaris 10 operating system.

Under the arrangement, Sun will provide customers with technical support and will turn to EnterpriseDB for additional support. EnterpriseDB will also provide Sun with custom training classes for its engineering and technical support teams.

Linspire gives away Debian-based Freespire 1.0 for free

Linspire Inc. has announced the immediate availability of Freespire 1.0, a free Debian-based desktop Linux operating system that combines open source software with legally-licensed proprietary drivers, codecs and applications in its core distribution.

Linspire had originally announced the project at the Desktop Linux Summit on April 24th, 2006 with a projected release date of September 1, but delivered it a month early. By including 3rd-party proprietary drivers, codecs and applications software, Freespire will provide out-of-the-box hardware, file type and multimedia support, such as MP3, Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, Java, Flash, ATI, nVidia, fonts, WiFi, and modems.

The software is immediately available for free download through the web site.

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