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Server Specs: Gates to relinquish day-to-day duty

At a surprise press conference, Microsoft announced that chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates will be taking a reduced role in the company in July 2008.

Gates to relinquish day-to-day duty

Microsoft announced Thursday that chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates will be taking a reduced role in the company in July 2008. Gates will leave the day-to-day role in the company he founded in order to focus on the charitable work of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Though Gates' move won't come for another two years, two leaders at the company, chief technical officers Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie, are taking new roles right away.

Effectively immediately, Ozzie is the company's chief software architect, and Mundie is Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer.

"I've decided that two years from today I will reorder my personal priorities," Gates said in a surprise press conference. But, he emphasized that he "will work full time for Microsoft for another two years. This gives us time to make a strong transition," Gates said. "I believe we can make this transition without missing a beat."

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Tech retailer study shows consolidation drives server upgrades

Tech retailer CDW Corp. surveyed 420 IT managers who cited potential cost savings and uptime as top drivers for server upgrades. Upgrades include moves to blade servers, multi-core processors and virtualization technology.

CDW touted server consolidations projects as potential savers in the long run. But 53% of respondents rated initial investment as the No. 1 obstacle to a server optimization project. And 41% of respondents rated time to implement as the second largest obstacle.

Startup takes on HP, BMC on CMDB software

McLean, Va.-based Managed Objects rolled out a new configuration management database (CMDB) suite it says goes head to head against competing Hewlett-Packard Co., BMC software Inc. and Mercury Interactive Corp. products.

Dubbed CMDB360, the software is designed to automatically eliminate duplicate configurations and automate CMDB synchronization. The product offers the following functions:

  • Federation: bringing in multiple data sources directly and by linking to sources.
  • Reconciliation: avoiding duplicates and enabling matching of configuration items from different sources.
  • Synchronization: ensuring the same version of the truth across integrated systems.
  • Mapping and visualization: enabling a peer-to-peer and hierarchical view of the Configuration Items.

    "Other vendors box their customers into a CMDB built only on that vendor's proprietary architecture," said Siki Giunta, president and CEO, Managed Objects. "CMDB360 gives our customers the freedom to choose what, where, and how they implement their CMDB strategy."

    Software suite aims to help backup data at mainframe shops

    Beta Systems Software AG, a Germany-based supplier of data management software, released a disaster recovery suite aiming to enable large companies to back up the entirety of its data to the mainframe through a single point of administration.

    Harbor Enterprise Network Storage Manager (NSM) 7.1, for use in multiple-platform environments, aims to provide fast and reliable backup and recovery of database, mail and file systems, according to Kevin Scully, managing director for Beta Systems.

    The backup requirements of many large organizations often include "thousands of systems, terabytes of data and billions of backup objects," Scully said, adding Harbor NSM enables Windows and Unix hardware to perform local backups and minimize nightly backup time.

    Other attributes featured include supporting proprietary encryption of data written to tape, transfer speeds of up to 200GB per hour in a z/OS environment and remote help desk tools allowing administrators to view and restore backed up files.

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