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Data center cooling guide

This guide offers the latest advice from data center cooling experts. Stop wasting your data center cooling capacity; learn about high density cooling technologies in this guide.

The temperature in your data center is rising. You buy more air conditioning (AC) units to handle the data center cooling load, but you've still got hot spots. Where is all that cold air going?

If this problem sounds familiar to you, you're not alone. According to recent studies, your data center could be wasting anywhere from 25% to 60% of its cooling capacity. Unfortunately, installing extra air conditioning to cool down your data center hot spots is like replacing one headache with another.

This isn't an easy issue for IT management to get a handle on -- data center cooling isn't about bits and bytes, it's about thermodynamics, engineering, and getting down and dirty with the raised floor in your facility.

This guide offers the latest advice and info from data center cooling experts at ASHRAE.'s resident cooling expert Bob McFarlane weighs in, along with IT infrastructure heavyweights like Steve Madara, vice president and general manager of environmental business at Liebert and Chief Technical Officer Neil Rasmussen from American Power Conversion Corp.

This Chapter branches out to discuss special requirements for blade servers and other high density computing systems. It also offers the most complete look at the data center liquid cooling debate.

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