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Server Specs: Sun revamps migration services for Solaris

Sun revamps migration services for Solaris; IBM rebrands xSeries; HP rolls out blade management on Linux.

Sun revamps migration services for Solaris

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Sun Microsystems, Inc. refurbished its migration services to help lure customers to its new Sun Fire servers as well as assisting its install base to upgrade to the Solaris 10 operating system. The Sun Enterprise Migration Suite comprises of a three step process -- migration justification review, architecture and implementation -- which aims to simplify complex factors involved in assessing a potential move, according to Keith Hudgell, Sun product executive for consulting services.

Following assessment, Sun workers audit the customer's application code and design new server architecture, at which point customers can call it off or sign on to complete the move. "While we're making this service as consistent and repeating as possible, every situation will be different," Hudgell said. "We want to make sure [customers] are completely clear of the implications." The updated services will be available around the end of the quarter, according to Sun.

IBM rebrands xSeries, touts virtualization capabilities

IBM is repricing and rebranding its xSeries x86 server line to "System x," the company announced today. The eServer 260 is now the System x 3800 ($4,999), the eServer 366 now the System x3850 ($6,999) and the eServer 460 the System x3950 ($17,499).

Big Blue is also trumpeting enhancements to its Consolidation Discovery and Analysis Tool, software designed to scan resources across Unix, mainframe and x86 servers, which the company claims can help increase virtual utilization rates per machine up to 65%. "Customers have indicated this is the year for virtualization," said Jay Bretzmann, director of System x product marketing. "They've been playing with it for a while, and they're comfortable with it now."

HP to release blade management software for Linux

Hewlett Packard Co. (HP) will soon release its first server blade management software for Linux. HP Control Tower, designed by RLX before the company was acquired by HP in October of last year, is customized for HP's BladeSystem environment. The software enables both imaging and scripting based deployment for Linux and Windows server blades, according to HP, which claims a primary difference from other blade managers, is ease of use with an interface customized for specific blade tasks. Control Tower will be released in May for $199 per license.

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