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Data center power management

Are you turning out power bills that make your CFO choke? Is avoiding electrical downtime a priority for your organization? Check out or chapter on data center power management for the latest info on energy savings and power supply maintenance.

Are you willing to risk your data center on our creaky, aging power grid? For most data center managers, the answer is no. Managing data center power supply becomes a matter of preparing for "when" not "if" your power will go down. But in the midst of an outage, the best laid contingencies can fall through. That's why you need to check out our information on maintaining equipment and policies for reliable power.

Traditionally, power consumption has been a cost of doing business, well within the realm of facilities management. But as both the price and demand for power continue to rise, it's a problem IT can no longer afford to ignore and there is mounting pressure on data center managers to address the issue. Read on to learn more about the new technologies and efficiency measures that might stem the tide of surging energy bills.

We have updated this section with our ongoing coverage of server energy efficiency metrics, information on how to work with your local utility providers and examples of companies like eBay that are finding new ways to stave off the rising tide of energy costs.

If you are interested in alternatives to traditional data center power, such as hydrogen fuel cells or direct current (DC) powered data centers, this chapter offers an overview of those technologies and examples of enterprise users that are relying on these approaches today -- and explanations on why some companies are sticking to traditional methods.

Take a look at the rest of this All-In-One Guide's coverage of  power management in the data center.

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