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Special report: Virtualization

Server virtualization is always big news. keeps you up to speed on the latest happenings.

Server virtualization is always big news. keeps you up to speed on the latest happenings.

Xen founders tackle Windows virtualization XenSource, a startup fronted by the developers of virtualization software...

Xen, launched a new commercial offering that runs on Windows, after a failed attempt earlier this year.

VM market on fire with software give away
The server virtualization market is rapidly commoditizing. Companies are jockeying for a spot in this young market before the Longhorn hypervisor appears.

Virtual Iron adds Xen, aims for rival VMware
Virtual Iron's newest version of its virtualization software adds Xen's hypervisor. Now the startup is talking tough and taking on market leader VMware.

VMware on free specs, virtualization's boost for Linux
VMware is opening up some specs, but there's no open sourcing in sight. But, a VMware exec sees virtualization boosting adoption of Linux and open source software.

Virtualization quiz
Take our quiz and see how well you really know virtualization.

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