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XenSource names new CEO

The open source virtualization provider is tapping a former Veritas executive to lead the commercialization of Xen.

XenSource Inc. yesterday announced former venture capitalist and Veritas Software Corp. executive Peter Levine will take the reigns as new president and CEO of the company.

Founded by developers of the open source virtualization technology Xen, Palo Alto, Calif.,-based XenSource unveiled its first commercial product late last year, a virtualization management tool called XenOptimizer, which makes it easier to deploy and manage Xen on hardware.

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XenSource is hoping to make gains against virtualization giant VMware Inc. by making Xen more accessible to IT pros. Analysts have indicated Xen may be on the cusp of a big move through doors that could open as a result of recent and blistering upswings in Linux usage on servers.

"We're just at the tip of a $15 billion virtualization market and there are really only a couple of players, VMWare and a couple of other companies," Levine said in an interview. "And here we are, an independent company exploiting the strengths of open source and leading into a growing market -- and we're right there to take advantage of that."

But in a complex, unfolding space, clear execution is what XenSource has lacked -- and is what Levine said he'll provide.

"What I look for in a company is very strong technical organization, and what I find here is that the business strategy needs work, but from a technical standpoint -- these guys are rock stars."

Xen 3.0 will be distributed by the leading enterprise Linux distributors, in forthcoming releases from Red Hat (RHEL 5) and Novell (SLES 10). XenOptimizer is currently available in beta form with product availability scheduled for early 2006.

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