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BMC's Mainview suite to feature IP-pacing tools

BMC has several upgrades to its Mainview monitoring software that lets users give priority bandwidth to the most important Web services applications.

BMC Software Inc. today announced several updates to its Mainview suite of systems monitoring software, including enhanced IP-pacing technology designed to let users give priority bandwidth to the most important Web services applications.

Jonathan Adams, BMC's director of Mainview performance and optimization, said the company is unveiling Mainview for IP version 2.2, Mainview for CICS version 5.7, and Energizer for CICS version 4.4.

Mainframe data used for Web applications generally travels via TCP/IP. Adams said Mainview for IP 2.2 allows users to monitor and prioritize the flow of applications over TCP/IP networks. In addition, he said, 2.2 offers enhanced tracing capability, FTP statistics and stack monitoring.

Adams said Mainvew for CICS 5.7 includes a new systems maintenance capability that allows upgrades to be carried out without interrupting key CICS applications. He said 5.7 also offers improved application delay analysis, designed to pinpoint any CICS applications that are being held.

Finally, Adams said that Energizer for CICS increases system availability by eliminating bottlenecks and lockouts, and by reducing CPU utilization and resources for all workloads.

Mike Welch, a senior systems programmer with Seattle-based Alaska Airlines, uses Mainview to monitor IP-based applications on his company's z/800 mainframe. He said the software makes it easier for his department to trace the flow of IP traffic and discover where problems occur. He said the software also lets him quickly find out how many people are logged on to the system.

"It's hard to get packet traces and things like that," Welch said. "With Mainview for IP, it's simple to go in through the panels and view" the system.

Pricing for the new version of Mainview for IP starts at $24,000, BMC said. Pricing for Mainview for CICS and Energizer for CICS starts at $33,000 and $26,500 respectively.

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