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Plenty of news heading into Open Source Business Conference

A slew of announcements being made ahead of this week's Open Source Conference included word from Black Duck Software, Open Source Strategies and Emic Networks.

NEWTON, Mass. -- The days leading up to this week's Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) bore witness to an influx of announcements from open source companies and projects looking to make headlines ahead of the show.

Mark Brunelli, News Editor
Mark Brunelli, News Editor

The slew of news covered everything from the release of a new open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to word from a historically proprietary software company that's now making the jump to open source. Here are some highlights:

Emic goes open source

Emic Networks, traditionally a provider of middleware software for MySQL databases, today announced that it's changing its name to Continuent and launching a new open source-based product line of its own.

The company said its new open source product line will have some proprietary components and is designed to provide high availability of multiple vendors' databases, regardless of whether those databases are proprietary, open source or a combination of both.

Continuent said the first version of the product will be available in November and will support Microsoft SQL Server. Future versions of the software, due for release in 2006, will work with the MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. The company said it eventually wants to provide an "agnostic" offering that will work with any database.

Free Sequoia open source ERP released

Companies interested in open source ERP systems now have a new option in Sequoia Open Source ERP.

Developers of Sequoia said it is the first open source ERP suite to embrace service-oriented architecture and is compatible with the major relational databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Sequoia enables users to sell products via multiple channels, integrate online and physical stores into a single system, manage inventory, automate order fulfillment and offer custom price lists and promotions.

Companies interested in purchasing support services for Sequoia can strike a deal with Open Source Strategies Inc. in Los Angeles.

"Open source offers an exciting alternative that lowers the cost of enterprise software and puts the user back in control," Si Chen, principal of Open Source Strategies, said in a statement.

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Black Duck offers free open source legal assessment

For a limited time, OSBC sponsor Black Duck Software Inc. is providing free access to its hosted service, which exposes the legal ramifications of using open source software.

The Waltham, Mass.-based company's ProtexIP/OnDemand allows users to analyze software to ensure compliance with open source license laws. Under the promotion, companies can use the service to analyze software packages up to 25 MB in size through the end of 2005.

Black Duck's ProtexIP/OnDemand service covers more than 120 licenses, including the GNU General Public License, the Common Development and Distribution License and the Apache Public License. The service normally costs about $2,500 for an annual subscription.

Centeris unveils system for managing Linux servers in Windows networks

Centeris Corp. has rolled out the beta version of its new product designed for companies that run on a mix of Linux and Windows.

The Bellevue, Wash., company said Centeris Likewise simplifies the management of mixed environments by providing tools that let companies use the same IT resources for the administration of both Windows and Windows servers.

"The Likewise solution will make it easier for customers to adopt SuSE Linux in predominately Windows networks," Jeff Hawkins, vice president of product management for Novell Inc.'s Linux and Platform Services, said in a statement on Centeris' Web site.'s news team will be reporting live from the Open Source Business Conference all this week. Visit our news page for continuing coverage.

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