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Server Specs: Dept. of 'green' computing

The week in earth-friendly e-business: Sun and HP call for executive awareness; magnetic chips reduce power load; Rackable goes dual-core.

A compilation of IT-related environmental news:

Execs unaware of IT disposal issues, says HP survey
Hewlett-Packard Co. reports that most IT execs are oblivious to issues surrounding technology disposal. HP Financial Services commissioned the study through Palo Alto, Calif-based consulting firm TNS Prognostics. The survey found that 70%of the respondents underestimated the cost of disposing of IT equipment, and 66% were unaware of the financial implications of ignoring environmental regulations when disposing of hardware. According to the study, IT executives' biggest concern regarding disposal of IT equipment is data security and privacy.

U.K. team announced breakthrough in magnetic chips
A team of researchers from Durham University, Imperial College London and University of Sheffield have created a basic computer using magnetic microchips rather than semiconductor electronics. Del Atkinson, an advanced research fellow at Durham University, commented: "This new technology offers a number of advantages over conventional computers. Electronic microchips generate a lot of heat, which creates the need for fans in PC units, whereas these magnetic microchips do not."

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Rackable unveils new dual-core servers
Rackable Systems Inc., a Milpitas, Calif.-based server manufacturer known for its DC-powered technology, rolled out the newest dual-core AMD Opteron processors. "We've seen tremendous customer traction with AMD's dual-core technology," said Giovanni Coglitore, chief technology officer at Rackable. "We recently won an award for building the world's most efficient server using the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor, and we know customers will appreciate the improved performance with the newest additions."

McNealy touts sustainable computing
Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy peddled a message of sustainable computing at an industry roundtable in Washington, D.C., last week. "As the global market expands, sustainable growth strategies can help companies dramatically cut costs on data center environmentals, such as power and cooling, while still significantly increasing capabilities of the computers that power the network," McNealy said. "Sun is addressing energy and resource efficiency, power consumption and waste management, as we help businesses and our employees meet the challenges created by the evolving role of technology in our everyday lives."

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