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Open Source: The beginning of Gene Roddenberry's vision? news editor Mark Brunelli asks if open source will ultimately help us get to 'where no man has gone before.'

OK, I admit it. I really like Star Trek.

Mark Brunelli, News Editor
Mark Brunelli, News Editor

Now, I don't go around wearing novelty Spock ears, I haven't painted my car to look like a shuttle pod and I don't speak Klingon (much).

But in a world full of terrorism, near-apocalyptic natural disasters, and mind-numbing John Tesh new age music, I've always found Gene Rodenberry's highly optimistic vision of the future to be a enjoyable and thought-provoking diversion.

On Roddenberry's 24th century Earth, there is no money. People work simply to better themselves and the communities they live in. Everyone shares everything. And I bet -- in the area of software anyways -- that there's no need to protect intellectual property.

I'd say that sounds a great deal like the open source development community of today.

What do you think? Are the seeds of Roddenberry's bright future being planted today by the many open source projects and code-contributors around the globe? Will open source eventually help us get to where no man has gone before?

Or, is your view of the future more pessimistic? Maybe you think that all of the free floating code out there will eventually cause the Internet to become sentient and launch a SkyNet-style nuclear war between humans and cyborgs. (In which case, let's hope you're wrong.)

I'd really like to hear your comments on this subject. Contact me with your thoughts and I'll incorporate them into a fun news feature. The first five people to respond will receive a free Linux book, so don't hesitate. As Jean-Luc Picard would say, "Make it so!"

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