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Mainframe migration vendor resources

Mainframe Migration: Vendor sites are filled with pitches to get you to buy their products. But they also can provide solid resources to help in the migration process.

Mainframe Migration: Vendor sites are filled with pitches to get you to buy their products. But they also can provide a plethera of solid resources to help in the migration process. This article gives you the links to take you directly to some of those web sites. We'll be adding to this list on a regular basis.

Cuyahoga case study: From Unisys to SQL This case study describes how the Cuyahoga Regional Information System (CRIS) was migrated from a cluster of four Unisys mainframes to Microsoft's SQL Server.

Micro Focus Mainframe Alliance This site has the information you need about migrating mainframe applications, including details of MicroFocus' migration partners, the Micro Focus 'Lift and Shift', the Micro Focus lstrategy for accelerating your mainframe migration process to the Windows platform and technology updates including Enterprise Server for deployment.

Reasons to Upgrade to Host Integration Server 2004 Microsot's pitch to get you to upgrade to its Host Integration Server 2004. But this site also has lots of links to product specs, technical resources, a list of partners, downloads, and some pretty lively blogs.

WebSphere migrations This high level migration checklist can help you adequately address the major application- and environment-related areas necessary to make your migration from Microsoft COM+.

Informatica: Enabling IT to Innovate Informatica's product page has a number of good features including demos, research guides and white papers. There's also a monthly feature that explores data integration strategies, trends and emerging technologies.

Linux Basics This online community has information to help you get Linux installed and running. Offers tutorials, online chats and a history of migration tips.

Linux migration cookbook A technical planning guide for moving applications to Linux desktops. Lots of "how to" information including configuration and installation specifications and a planning checklist.

Legacy Migration Overview: Partner list Microfocus provides partner migration strategy for working on all platforms, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Unisys.

Datatek migration strategies Datatek's migration home page has resources on the services it offers to help you meet your mainframe migration needs. Offers some good tips on migration steps, remediation services and code analysis.

Resources for interoperability and migration of IBM Mainframes and Windows This Microsoft TechNet site explores the enterprise computing capabilities of the Microsoft enterprise platform, including the Windows Server System and the Windows development environment, and provides prescriptive guidance and support relative to platform migration and subsequent operation.

Sun: Mainframe migration ROI and financing options This Sun site offers a lot of data on why and how to migrate off the mainframe. Once you read through the pages of compelling stats, you can link to more detailed information including case studies.

IBM Migration Adviser This site offers specific help on how to manage mission-critical migration projects involving millions of lines of code. Includes expert Q&As and webcasts.

Volvo Case Study This case study describes how Volvo employed California Software's baby.NET technology for mainframe and midrange legacy integration.

Micro Focus 'Lift and Shift' This case study describes Micro Focus's 'Lift and Shift' strategy for migrating IBM mainframe applications to the Windows platform.

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