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When Tux met Big Iron: The quiz

Test your knowledge of Linux on the mainframe! Do you know what Linus Torvalds originally wanted to call the OS? Do you know how many Linux images David Boyes was able to run on a mainframe? Take it and find out!

  Table of Contents  

Question 1:  International IBMers excel
Question 2:  Beating Big Blue
Question 3:  Linux's forerunner
Question 4: Linus is modest
Question 5:  Is SCO suing you too?
Question 6:  First distro to market
Question 7:  Snapping up SuSE
Question 8:  Maxing out the mainframe
Question 9:  What's up with the zSeries 800?
Question 10: Linux in the data center

Question 1  Return to Table of Contents

IBM programmers in what country are credited for getting Linux on the mainframe up and running?

  • A) India
  • B) Germany
  • C) Finland
  • D) None of the above
[ See the answer to question 1. ]

  Question 2  Return to Table of Contents

The IBM project wasn't the first effort to port Linux to the S/390. Texas-based Programmer Linas Vepstas headed a similar project, called what?

  • A) Armadillo
  • B) Bigfoot
  • C) Cheetah
  • D) Dinosaur
[ See the answer to question 2. ]

  Question 3  Return to Table of Contents

What Unix-like operating system influenced Linus Torvalds to create Linux?

  • A) OS/2
  • B) FreeBSD
  • C) Minix
  • D) Coherent
[ See the answer to question 3. ]

  Question 4  Return to Table of Contents

At first, Torvalds thought Linux was too egotistical. What did he want to call the OS he created?

  • A) Freax
  • B) Lindows
  • C) Uniflex
  • D) None of the above
[ See the answer to question 4. ]

  Question 5  Return to Table of Contents

Which company is SCO not suing over Linux?

  • A) AutoZone
  • B) Novell
  • C) Red Hat
  • D) Daimler-Chrysler
[ See the answer to question 5. ]

  Question 6  Return to Table of Contents

What year did the first commercial Linux on the mainframe distribution from SuSE become available?

  • A) 1999
  • B) 2000
  • C) 2001
  • D) None of the above
[ See the answer to question 6. ]

  Question 7  Return to Table of Contents

While on the topic of SuSE, which software vendor recently purchased the Linux distro maker?

  • A) Microsoft
  • B) Novell
  • C) Cisco
  • D) Red Hat
[ See the answer to question 7. ]

  Question 8  Return to Table of Contents

David Boyes of Sine Nomine Associates is well-known in the mainframe world for running multiple Linux images on a mainframe. How many is he generally credited with running?

  • A) 3,435
  • B) 14,100
  • C) 31,283
  • D) 41,400
[ See the answer to question 8. ]

  Question 9  Return to Table of Contents

What's distinctive about the IBM zSeries 800, released in 2002?

  • A) It was the first zSeries to employ HiperSockets
  • B) It was the first zSeries to retail for over $2 million
  • C) It was the first mainframe to come with Linux pre-installed
  • D) It was a mainframe that ran Linux and z/VM but not z/OS
[ See the answer to question 9. ]

  Question 10  Return to Table of Contents

Earlier this year at Data Center Decisions, an audience survey found 37% of attendees thought z/OS should dominate the data center.  What percentage said Linux should?

  • A) 10%
  • B) 23%
  • C) 33%
  • D) 41%
[ See the answer to question 10. ]


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