Virtualization and private cloud

  • February 06, 2006 06 Feb'06

    VMware freebie may bring virtual servers to the masses

    Competition among the main vendors selling virtualization software is becoming a customer dream. VMware is now giving away an entry level version of its virtualization server software.

  • February 06, 2006 06 Feb'06

    Protecting virtual servers gets smarter

    Backing up VMware virtual machines has been a clunky process to date, but a handful of new products coming next week should address this issue.

  • February 02, 2006 02 Feb'06

    IBM purchases IT usage tracking specialist

    With the acquisition of CIMS Lab, Inc., Big Blue tries to cobble a pothole on one of the newest roads in the IT landscape: Virtualized IT usage billing.

  • January 19, 2006 19 Jan'06

    Open source waits for a Xen moment in 2006

    What's with Xen? The open source virtualization app has fueled hype, but some question if it has the stomach to go against VMware, et al. Read on to see how it can.

  • January 05, 2006 05 Jan'06

    VMware's Greene leads virtualization pack

    VMware's Diane Greene is at the helm of this year's biggest IT phenomenon. As president of the independent EMC subsidiary, Greene facilitates VMware's business and technical direction. recently interviewed Greene to discuss ...

  • December 21, 2005 21 Dec'05

    The rise of the virtual machines

    It's the new mantra for data center managers: virtualization. And while there's plenty of confusion over just how all the new offerings will come together, most IT pros will have some form of the technology in 2006.

  • December 19, 2005 19 Dec'05

    Xen virtualization quickly becoming open source 'killer app'

    As 2005 approaches its conclusion, it would appear that virtualization's time in the open source spotlight is all but here.

  • December 05, 2005 05 Dec'05

    Is Xen ready for the data center?

    A new management tool from XenSource Inc. promises to deliver open source Xen virtualization to the masses, but experts say the technology still has hurdles to overcome.

  • November 01, 2005 01 Nov'05

    Red Hat to include Xen virtualization in next Linux release

    Linux software giant Red Hat has announced plans to include virtualization technology in its next version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • October 20, 2005 20 Oct'05

    Virtualization startup focuses on SMP, management

    IT giants made virtualization a household name this year and newer companies have been eager to get in on the action. Intel-backed startup Virtual Iron is one of the latest companies to get involved, and it says being a latecomer has its advantages.

  • October 19, 2005 19 Oct'05

    Open Source virtual server software a likely dark horse

    When hardware from Intel and AMD arrives next year, Windows shops will have a price friendly option for server virtualization that comes from the open source community.

  • October 18, 2005 18 Oct'05

    VMware updates let users virtualize larger workloads

    VMware announced Monday plans to release the next generation of its ESX Server and VirtualCenter software, which will allow IT organizations to virtualize larger workloads.

  • September 15, 2005 15 Sep'05

    Busy summer for VMware

    Virtualization giant VMware made a series of moves this summer designed to push the VM market forward and capitalize on gains the space has already made.

  • September 15, 2005 15 Sep'05

    HP expands virtualization offerings

    New releases from HP are aimed at making virtualization management faster and easier.

  • August 16, 2005 16 Aug'05

    Sun, VMware join forces

    Virtualization giant VMware scored a major partnership last week when Sun Microsystems announced it would deliver VMware's software onto Sun Fire x64 servers and the StorEdge 6920.