Data center server infrastructure and OSes

  • August 14, 2006 14 Aug'06

    Grocer gains efficiency on z9 mainframe

    IBM's first publicized customer for the z9 is a grocery chain that operates 300 stores, as well as the supply chains for two other supermarket companies, powered by the new z9.

  • February 21, 2006 21 Feb'06

    IBM races for clock speed

    IBM offered a sneak peak of its server Power6 chips, slated for release in 2007. IBM is touting gains in clock speed, but experts and competitors question whether clock speed matters.

  • February 01, 2006 01 Feb'06

    IBM to bolster mainframes with new processor

    The processor is the most significant addition to the z9 since IBM launched the new mainframe nearly a year ago to help combat security leaks.

  • September 13, 2005 13 Sep'05

    Is there a market for Intel Iron?

    Plug-compatible mainframe vendor PSI is drumming up support for its forthcoming release of an Intel-based computer that runs native z/OS. But who's buying?

  • July 28, 2005 28 Jul'05

    Will the data center feel the effects of the z9?

    IBM's new mainframe doubles the computing capacity of its predecessor while offering increased encryption features and cost effectiveness. But will the z9 bring new customers to the platform or subsist on the mainframe's existing customer base?

  • July 27, 2005 27 Jul'05

    IBM unveils the z9

    IBM's new z9 mainframe has double the capacity of its predecessor. Big Blue hopes the new box will spark zSeries revenues out of a three-quarter slide.