Server form factors: A guide to rackmount, blade servers and more

Last updated:October 2014

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Budget constraints, reliability concerns and changing technologies present a myriad of options for new servers. Weigh the pros and cons of rackmount servers versus blade and microservers.

This guide to understanding server form factors can help cut through the hype and let IT professionals find the system that fits their needs and budget.

1Blade servers: Big on computing power, small in size

Blade servers add computing power for demanding workloads without the bulk and cost of larger server form factors. Blade servers offer distinct advantages for some applications, including Web hosting and virtualization. But the very properties that make blades attractive to IT pros also generate their own set of challenges.

2Small microservers are a large chunk of the market

The microserver market is expanding -- thanks to scalability, simplicity and more. See how these small servers are shaking up the data center.