Top of the news feed: Cloud, IoT shake up data center jobs

Last updated:July 2015

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The year is half gone, leaving little time for IBM to increase revenue, for data center managers to fill Linux admin positions and for IT staffers to prepare for a change in their jobs before year-end assessments.

The biggest news stories of the first half of 2015 show that data center jobs will undergo transformations thanks to new trends and emerging technologies -- in cooling and IT processes.

1A call for open source talent

If you have the right Linux qualifications -- skills and certifications -- you're likely to land a well-paid job thanks to high demand in the Linux market.

2Replace CRACs in the data center

Budget, energy efficiency and environmental concerns are all major data center considerations. But when it comes to cooling, how can you improve all three?

3Is your data center job safe?

Cloud computing will change the data center in ways that may force the people who work there out of jobs and into new silos.

4Trending IT

Trends come and go -- sometimes for the better. But some trends walk into the data center and don't leave for quite some time.