The evolution of data center storage architecture

Last updated:March 2016

Editor's note

Big data and other new applications push forward advances in data center storage architecture, from hyper-converged infrastructure and server-side storage to data-awareness built into arrays.

This guide explores which technologies move storage in the data center forward, the ways in which storage is evolving, and how these evolutions affect enterprises.

1Make storage data-aware for intelligent Ops

Data-aware storage replaces regular storage arrays to manage and organize data automatically and efficiently. This awareness aids performance for the IT team, as well as for the business end users that rely on stored information.

2SSDs, object storage and increased flash resiliency

Innovations in storage pushed the technology to new standards for reliability, cost and speed. What type of storage, how much to buy and from whom, and how it changes your current data center storage architecture are all questions tackled below.

3A shakeup in storage architectures for big data, IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) and big data are already changing data center storage architectures to match their demands. See how varied and rapidly growing data sets influence data center and cloud storage choices.