Server uptime and hardware failure guide

Last updated:December 2015

Editor's note

Server uptime and reliability are crucial to running a great data center. IT organizations spend time and money implementing high availability (HA) virtualization and adequate server operations and security. Invest in fault tolerance and designed-to-fail architectures so that IT workloads continue operating even when the worst happens.

This guide explores how the different ways IT organizations build uptime into their servers and data centers, from facility to hardware to HA virtualization and designed-to-fail systems.

1Keep hardware failure to a minimum

Sooner or later, server hardware will fail, so don't get caught unprepared. From battery management to the right continuity plan, these tips will help you plan for the worst.

2Keeping up with the virtualizations

Resilient virtual machines increase uptime for IT workloads and ease concerns about individual server uptime. Be sure your virtualization scheme is up to snuff with these insights on high availability and fault tolerance.