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Need-to-know IT job requirements

IT jobs are in demand and many say they wish they'd pursued IT careers. But the job market has shifted under the feet of those who have worked in data centers for decades, making skills obsolete as new platforms emerge.


In this guide, we explore the changes in IT job requirements caused by trends such as cloud computing and mobility. We look at emerging IT career opportunities, new IT certifications and job skills that are expected to be in demand over the next few years.

1The shift-

Data center job requirements shift

Cloud computing -- particularly cloud storage and mobility -- is shaping IT job requirements. Employees who are the most diverse are in demand. Not only that, IT pros will have to learn additional skills to stay relevant and employed.


Advisory Board weighs in on IT job requirements for new hires

The most valuable people in IT will be those who are diverse and can work with various components. Read which skills experts say will be most valuable. Continue Reading


Do you have the IT skillset for these five hot data center jobs?

With enterprises increasingly using cloud storage and relying on mobility, the need for individuals who understand these aspects of IT will be needed. See what skill sets are desired in some hot job markets. Continue Reading


IT pros adapt to stay relevant -- and employed -- in IT jobs field

The rise of automation and virtualization has altered the role of the data center technician. Learn which skills IT employees need and how to adapt to stay relevant. Continue Reading


IT careers and the cloud

Data center job requirements are changing, due to higher cloud computing adoption, third-platform opportunities and shrinking IT departments.


Get on the right cloud computing career path

Cloud computing skills are in demand, with two categories of cloud computing careers emerging. Learn what those skills are and how to get on track for a cloud career. Continue Reading


IT departments to shrink dramatically within five years as cloud accelerates

Corporate IT departments are expected to shrink over the next five years as businesses adapt to the cloud and changing economic conditions. Rather than commissioning technology themselves, they'll take on these new roles. Continue Reading


Third platform IT job skills in demand

Companies that are on board with cloud, big data, social and mobile trends seek IT pros with third platform skills, but those IT job skills are rare. Continue Reading


Linux experience and RHCE bring in the big bucks

Looking for a high-paying job in a Linux data center but don't know where to start or what your certification will get you? Not just any certification pays off. Continue Reading

3Getting papers-

New IT certifications

CIOs and enterprise IT pros want qualified IT personnel who know and understand what they're doing. With changing and emerging technology such as SDN and cloud, vendor certification and training programs help candidates meet IT job requirements.


Business know-how tops IT skills list

Companies want IT pros with business acumen who communicate effectively, but that's hard to measure with a data center certification. Continue Reading


Vendor SDN certification programs emerge

Software-defined networking (SDN) is changing the way networks are built and managed, forcing networking pros to gain new skills. To address this need, vendors are brewing these SDN certification and training programs. Continue Reading


Taking the Microsoft certification path to VDI

Want to become a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) expert? Learn about the different certifications that can be earned to deploy and manage a virtual desktop infrastructure. Continue Reading


Microsoft's MCSE Private Cloud and new virtualization certifications

Here's an in-depth look at what you need to know for the Microsoft virtualization certifications and the MCSE Private Cloud certification. Continue Reading

4Up and down-

Job reduction and expansion news

The change in technology caused a ripple effect in the job market and in data center job requirements. Some jobs have grown, while others have shrunk. BlackBerry, Cisco and Zynga have each seen its customer bases shrink, resulting in layoffs.


BlackBerry lays off R&D, manufacturing staff implying strategy shift

BlackBerry has seen its customer base shrink and the result has led to employee layoffs. Take a look at what BlackBerry's strategy going forward is and how it can stay relevant in a competitive mobile market. Continue Reading


Cisco layoffs announced in the face of changing networking market

Despite good revenue and sales growth in the fourth quarter of 2013, Cisco announced employee layoffs. Read why Cisco laid off employees and see what direction it plans to take for the future Continue Reading


Zynga to cut staff by 18% as losses loom

After seeing profits drops, Zynga, a social gaming enterprise, again cut its staff after laying off more several months back. Learn what Zynga has to do to stay profitable and what analysts have to say. Continue Reading


Want IT job growth? Head to the cloud

The cloud is a new area for growth in the IT job market. The skills required are varied, but one thing is certain. It's time to brush up on Amazon Web Services. Continue Reading


Majority of IT positions filled by women in 2013, career limits remain

In 2013, women filled 60% of technology jobs. Employment rates for jobs in technology are significantly higher and women are taking advantage of the opportunity. Continue Reading

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