Need-to-know IT job requirements

Last updated:October 2013

Editor's note

In this guide, we explore the changes in IT job requirements caused by trends such as cloud computing and mobility. We look at emerging IT career opportunities, new IT certifications and job skills that are expected to be in demand over the next few years.

1IT careers and the cloud

Data center job requirements are changing, due to higher cloud computing adoption, third-platform opportunities and shrinking IT departments.

2New IT certifications

CIOs and enterprise IT pros want qualified IT personnel who know and understand what they're doing. With changing and emerging technology such as SDN and cloud, vendor certification and training programs help candidates meet IT job requirements.

3Job reduction and expansion news

The change in technology caused a ripple effect in the job market and in data center job requirements. Some jobs have grown, while others have shrunk. BlackBerry, Cisco and Zynga have each seen its customer bases shrink, resulting in layoffs.