Modern data center strategy: Design, hardware and IT's changing role

Last updated:June 2013

Editor's note

Data center infrastructure now extends beyond the brick and mortar walls to public clouds, where data that was once considered too sensitive to leave the building is now hosted. Servers have been consolidated and fully virtualized, and new levels of integration achieved with converged infrastructure systems. The data center has to be highly scalable and systems need to be faster every year. IT professionals within the data center have to be jacks of all trades. And of course, the business side demands all of that on a minimal IT budget.

In this guide, we present all the tenets of a modern data center strategy, including the latest in data center infrastructure, operations and management. We also cover the changing role of IT, important IT skills of tomorrow and the tools IT pros need to manage a hybrid environment.

1The changing role of IT

As the technology inside data centers changes, so must the associated IT personnel. Welcome the DevOps movement, and other trends that shape a new role for backend IT.

2The latest in data center infrastructure

Looking at emerging technology is important for the future of data centers, but what about today's data center? These tips on cloud computing, converged infrastructure and the data center show the current trends to follow.

3Data center cooling

Agility, efficiency and mobility are three aspects of modern data centers, and the facility is a big part of it. Learn how to monitor energy use, remain flexible and save the environment.