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How to manage cloud workloads and resources from the data center

Managing cloud workloads from the data center poses specific problems. Enterprises are solving these problems and managing their workloads with a combination of strategic planning and tool selection.


A hybrid cloud can cause management complications. Hybrid environments can be unpredictable and unspecifiable because some workloads live in the public cloud, some use on-premises, and some do both. Although the hybrid approach to cloud computing provides scalability and cost-effectiveness, the spread of hardware-based, virtualized and cloud workloads makes it hard to get all your workload management information into one interface.

This guide will help data center managers make cloud computing decisions for the enterprise, suss out the costs of a hybrid cloud environment and make smart management tool choices.

1Learn to grow in the cloud-

Cloud computing decisions

With the introduction of a hybrid cloud come more options. Figuring out which hybrid cloud deployment is best for your data center can be stressful, but the right choice will make a big difference.


Should data center managers consider cloud computing?

Experts weigh in on whether data center managers should contemplate cloud computing, and under what circumstances. Learn where to use cloud computing, the risks that may occur, and whether or not it is useful at all. Continue Reading


Considering data center resource options

New technologies, security threats and compliance requirements place an increased demand on data centers. When building new data centers is out of the question, it is time to contemplate new possibilities, such as consolidation and outsourcing. Continue Reading


Building up hybrid cloud with virtual data center services

Hosting providers are adding sophisticated management features to their Infrastructure as a Service and managed service offerings, giving users a combination of cloud resource control and support. Continue Reading


How to integrate hybrid cloud into corporate data centers

Business use of hybrid cloud computing is evolving alongside public and private cloud options. Administrators need to know where workloads should live, how to manage the hybrid cloud and the best ways to change the distribution of workloads. Continue Reading


How private and public clouds get along

Enterprises should select public cloud options that most closely match their private cloud deployment, to simplify hybrid cloud management. Follow these five guidelines for keeping the mixed clouds in sync and happy. Continue Reading


What deployment model works for your IT shop?

Hybrid clouds will be in the majority for large-enterprise IT by 2017, Gartner Inc. predicts, so the choice is no longer private or public cloud, but what your hybrid cloud deployment model looks like. Continue Reading


Easing PaaS and SaaS integration with hybrid cloud computing

Hybrid cloud deployment elevates the integration capabilities for internal IT resources, making it easier to integrate Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools. Continue Reading


Virtualization, cloud and SDN modernize data centers

Trends such as mobile computing have altered how enterprises work. To modernize, data center managers must adopt new technologies. This article examines the technologies that will bring data centers into the modern world of IT. Continue Reading

2How much does the cloud cost?-

Data center costs in a hybrid cloud model

Data centers rack up major costs; that's no secret. A hybrid cloud might be better for your budget, but that also might mean making sacrifices. Does a hybrid cloud model mean saving more or spending more?


Centralized or decentralized? You decide

Cloud computing options allow enterprises to get away from IT's control -- but will this move be permanent? New challenges and inadequacies facing management may return power to IT teams, and these changes all affect data center costs. Continue Reading


Taking advantage of cost models to get more for your cloud money

Implementing cloud computing can positively affect your costs and budget, removing capital expenditures. Kris Bliesner, CEO of 2nd Watch, proposed a few tips on getting the most out of the cloud cost model at the Modern Infrastructure Decisions conference in New York. Continue Reading


Myths of on-premises vs. cloud cost savings

It's no secret that data centers want to save money. With underutilized servers, applications can create unnecessarily higher costs. Where are the actual savings of offloading your data center infrastructure and workloads onto the cloud? Tom Nolle identifies how to raise average use levels and ultimately lower costs. Continue Reading

3Making it all work-

Cloud workload management choices for the data center

With the hybrid cloud model in the mix, new concerns arise in the world of data center management. New networking opportunities, choosing between IT infrastructure strategies, and syncing up service-level agreements (SLAs) across platforms keep cloud workloads running efficiently.


Networking choices for cloud deployments

Cloud networking affects network infrastructure management, such as how an enterprise handles Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) decryption. Has your business offloaded resources to a third-party cloud hosting service? This article provides network security, administration and cost choices for cloud adopters. Continue Reading


How to best support as-a-Service operations

Infrastructure, Platform and other as-a-Service offerings require flexible underlying resources that can scale up as needed. Options range from a fleet of servers to private cloud on a converged infrastructure to public cloud hosting. Continue Reading


Don't dilute SLAs when ramping up hybrid cloud

Applications often rely on private and public cloud resources. Don't allow the established SLA for your private cloud to fall apart when it meets a cloud service SLA. Continue Reading


No escaping familiar issues like capacity planning

While hybrid cloud solves some problems for IT shops, others remain the same, with a new platform to consider. Continue Reading

4The right tools for the job-

Hybrid cloud management tools

You've implemented hybrid cloud; so, what's next? This section covers the tools that data center managers can consider to optimize productivity. The right tools and platforms can help make hybrid cloud management transparent, eliminating frustration and confusion.


Red Hat Open Hybrid Cloud to tackle complicated cloud management

With a mix of on-premises hardware, virtualization, private cloud and public cloud workloads, enterprises need open-source management tools, according to Red Hat. Continue Reading


Choosing application performance management tools

With some workloads kept in-house, some virtualized and some in the public cloud, IT teams might adopt several application performance management tools, each tailored to the application. Continue Reading


The server monitoring tool for today and the future

Most enterprises have significant on-premises infrastructure to support, as well as a growing public cloud computing infrastructure or plans to start one. So, how do you choose a server monitoring tool for both deployments? Continue Reading


One company's SaaS support choices

When Planview Inc. decided to offer its enterprise Software as a Service, they used virtual machines instances instead of undertaking a lengthy, costly software redesign for multi-tenancy. Here's what Planview's infrastructure looks like. Continue Reading


Cloud vendor overview for hybrid cloud adopters

While the hybrid cloud offering landscape is still relatively new, vendors are out there with packaged-up private and public cloud architectures. Continue Reading


Cross-platform, single-pane-of-glass and specialized tools

Hybrid cloud management choices vary depending on your cloud infrastructure. One enterprise's hybrid cloud setup and uses can be completely different from another's. Here are some tool categories. Continue Reading


Keeping an eye on resources for cloud applications

Without insights into private and public cloud performance, IT cannot support the applications using them. There are three steps to ensuring that cloud resource pools meet enterprise's IT needs. Continue Reading


Cloud computing: A centralized approach

VMware vCloud may be a good choice for those enterprises that seek a centralized approach. VMware vCloud Suite creates a virtual data center. Find out what this means for cloud management. Continue Reading

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