How modern infrastructure becomes part of a data center business plan

Last updated:August 2013

Editor's note

In modern businesses, the data center is an integral part of success, which is why updating your data center business plan is so important. There's more to it than just servers, cables and cooling though. Consider adding network virtualization, cloud computing and IT outsourcing, converged infrastructure and virtualization technology to the plan.

1Does converged infrastructure fit in your data center business plan?

Putting costly converged infrastructure systems in a data center business plan may seem counterintuitive, but don't discount the time and personnel benefits you could reap. All-in-one systems take less manpower to maintain and, in theory, less time to set up. They can also help eliminate silo-based IT and make provisioning resources easier.

2Weighing the pros and cons of data center SDN

Software-defined networking has great potential to change data centers for the better. Whether or not SDN is ready for the data center business plan is a subject of debate. For some enterprise IT shops, SDN's promise of improving network response -- often the cause of bottlenecks in virtualized systems -- is a big draw. But the technology is still evolving, and some feel it's not quite ready for the mainstream. Learn more about SDN and decide for yourself.

3How virtualization techniques can streamline data centers and businesses

Server virtualization is an established technology by now, but many of the newest technological advancements for data centers include networking and virtualization strategies that specifically target outsourced markets. These technologies can also benefit on-premises data center business plans. Consider virtualization for servers and networks when deciding.