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How modern infrastructure becomes part of a data center business plan

Modern data centers don't just house servers, they are central to running a business. Consider SDN, cloud computing, converged infrastructure and other technologies as part of your data center business plan.


In modern businesses, the data center is an integral part of success, which is why updating your data center business plan is so important. There's more to it than just servers, cables and cooling though. Consider adding network virtualization, cloud computing and IT outsourcing, converged infrastructure and virtualization technology to the plan.

1Data center outsourcing-

To outsource or not to outsource IT? What makes the most business sense?

As IT outsourcing options like public cloud computing grow, it's important to note that you can apply many of the same techniques to on-site data center business plans as well. Whether you're building a private cloud, using public cloud or outsourcing your IT in other ways, go into the decision well-informed.


Comparing cloud computing and other outsourcing options

Not all IT outsourcing is created equal. Between managed and dedicated hosting, colocation and cloud computing, it can get a little confusing. Here's a quick look at each type. Continue Reading


A list of dos and don'ts for selecting colocation facilities

The basic idea behind every colocation facility is the same, so follow these six guidelines to figure out which colo is right for your business. Continue Reading


Real-world challenges for deploying open source cloud

OpenStack users including Bloomberg, Samsung, Best Buy and others discuss pain points and benefits of their deployments using the open source cloud. Continue Reading


Five-point checklist for cloud deployments

While CFOs may respect IT's reasons for cloud adoption, corporate finance execs may not be aware of nontechnical factors that could affect the bottom line. Continue Reading


Crowdsourcing development with the cloud

If your IT shop is considering a move to a cloud development platform, keep crowdsourcing in mind when you have questions about best practices. Continue Reading

2Big-ticket items-

Does converged infrastructure fit in your data center business plan?

Putting costly converged infrastructure systems in a data center business plan may seem counterintuitive, but don't discount the time and personnel benefits you could reap. All-in-one systems take less manpower to maintain and, in theory, less time to set up. They can also help eliminate silo-based IT and make provisioning resources easier.


What does converged infrastructure mean?

Converged infrastructure offers a way to resist the public cloud and still gain efficiencies and scalability, but few vendors offer the real deal. Continue Reading


How converged systems will change the data center

The rise of converged systems has brought a new level of manageability to the data center, but these integrated offerings have a few drawbacks. Continue Reading


Wildly different converged infrastructure options from varied vendors

As enterprises consider converged infrastructure solutions, vendors develop variations to attract buyers. But is a unified system right for you? Continue Reading


Converged infrastructure product comparison

Learn more about converged infrastructure from vendors like HP, Cisco, Dell, IBM, VCE and NetApp and decide which will work best for you. Continue Reading


The private cloud benefits of converged infrastructure

Next-gen hardware, designed with virtualization and cloud computing in mind, aims to solve the scalability problems that come with do-it-yourself virtual infrastructures. Continue Reading


Do converged infrastructure benefits outweigh its costs?

Whether these preconfigured systems are worth their price tags remains to be seen, but Cisco, IBM and NetApp think users will pay top dollar. Continue Reading

3Future networking-

Weighing the pros and cons of data center SDN

Software-defined networking has great potential to change data centers for the better. Whether or not SDN is ready for the data center business plan is a subject of debate. For some enterprise IT shops, SDN's promise of improving network response -- often the cause of bottlenecks in virtualized systems -- is a big draw. But the technology is still evolving, and some feel it's not quite ready for the mainstream. Learn more about SDN and decide for yourself.


Examining the benefits of data center SDN technology

Data center software-defined networking (SDN) means speedier access to business assets, but there's a lot to consider, such as cost, before taking the plunge. Continue Reading


How software-defined networking changes infrastructure

There's plenty of talk in IT circles about using SDN to change network infrastructures -- and catch up with servers and storage. As the hype for SDN spins up, what can you actually accomplish today? Continue Reading


Reasons to adopt SDN in the data center

Uses for SDN extend throughout the data center to increase network flexibility, dynamic traffic flow, decreased latency and quality of service. Continue Reading


Network virtualization and SDN share traits, but aren't the same

Despite differences, SDN and network virtualization share common elements to direct network resources to VMs and segment or consolidate networks. Continue Reading


Making SDN work with existing networks

When a company decides to adopt software-defined networking as part of its business plan, integrating it into the existing infrastructure is a must. Here's how. Continue Reading

4Virtualization techniques-

How virtualization techniques can streamline data centers and businesses

Server virtualization is an established technology by now, but many of the newest technological advancements for data centers include networking and virtualization strategies that specifically target outsourced markets. These technologies can also benefit on-premises data center business plans. Consider virtualization for servers and networks when deciding.


Why virtualize mission-critical server workloads

The server virtualization benefits that have transformed data centers also extend to mission-critical applications. Continue Reading


Virtualization is not the cloud, right?

Reports of clouds abound, but true clouds are hard to come by. Turns out, many don't know what separates virtualization and cloud computing. Continue Reading


Redefining data centers through virtualization

Virtualization creates more efficient data centers. IT shops can reduce costs while increasing productivity. Continue Reading


The best virtualization tricks and strategies

SearchServerVirtualization's editors share their favorite tips on virtualization techniques, new technologies and virtual infrastructure management strategies. Continue Reading


What exactly is network virtualization?

SDN has sparked discussion about what network virtualization truly is. Here are 10 key network virtualization definitions that explain the basics. Continue Reading

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