Guide to software-defined everything in the data center

Last updated:May 2015

Editor's note

Software-defined everything (SDx or SDE) is making its way into the data center, led by SDN to abstract network architecture and adding programmability. SDS and full SDDC are also catching on as the SDx trend makes data center operations more efficient.

Get familiar with software-defined everything. If it isn't in your data center already, it will be there soon.

1What you need for a software-defined network

Software-defined networking (SDN) allows network engineers and admins to respond quickly to changing business needs. Control in a software-defined network is decoupled from the physical infrastructure so network admins can provision a fabric across equipment, regardless of the hardware vendors. So why hasn't everyone adopted it yet?

2Save room for software-defined storage

Software-defined storage (SDS) makes storage services more efficient. In SDS, the programming that operates data storage tasks is decoupled from the actual arrays, disks and so on. For it to work, IT organizations must pick the vendor offering that's right for them, and understand the true benefits of SDS.