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Guide to software-defined everything in the data center

Software-definable components are everywhere: servers, storage and networking, as well as peripherals such as power. Here's what to consider for beginners or software-defined pros.


Software-defined everything (SDx or SDE) is making its way into the data center, led by SDN to abstract network architecture and adding programmability. SDS and full SDDC are also catching on as the SDx trend makes data center operations more efficient.

Get familiar with software-defined everything. If it isn't in your data center already, it will be there soon.

1Software-define a data center-

Is a SDDC right for you?

In a software-defined data center (SDDC), networking, storage, CPU and security are virtualized and delivered as a service. Management and orchestration software removes deployment, provisioning, configuration and operation from hardware, but how do you know if the production IT deployment can handle SDDC?


Decrypt tomorrow's software-defined everything

Software-defined computing has a lot of potential with commodity hardware under an intelligent software layer. But it's still a new venture for most enterprises, a reality that is likely a mixed software- and hardware-defined facility. Continue Reading


Can software define the data center?

Software-defined doesn't mean the same thing to everyone. But despite confusion and conflicting thoughts, SDDC will define data center operations in the future. Continue Reading


Set your navigation to SDDC

Rethink how users and developers access infrastructure with SDDC. Software-defined data centers speed up your app deployment, but it doesn't stop there. Here's where the future of the software-defined world will take your facility. Continue Reading


Software-defined infrastructure busts down IT silos

Silos still exist, even if you've adopted virtualization in your data center. SDDC tools will break down the silos where virt only poked holes in the walls. Continue Reading


Software-defined infrastructure changes hardware

The underlying hardware gets a facelift when you "software-define" the data center. Some waver on implementing SDDC due to the demand it places on CPU and other components. See how software-defined infrastructure is shaping compute resources. Continue Reading


Tips for a SDDC strategy

Software-defined everything is seeping into the data center and you need a solid strategy to adapt to the changes. These tips will help make that transition to complete automation. Continue Reading


PayPal takes steps to cloud, SDDC

The credit company adopted software-defined everything to guarantee the company meets customer demands. Saran Mandair discusses its OpenStack cloud and migrating to a software-defined data center. Continue Reading


Is the future of data centers software-defined?

Total virtualization could change the data center forever, but there are still challenges to overcome. Software components are actually the biggest software-defined hindrance. Continue Reading

2Navigate the SDN traffic-

What you need for a software-defined network

Software-defined networking (SDN) allows network engineers and admins to respond quickly to changing business needs. Control in a software-defined network is decoupled from the physical infrastructure so network admins can provision a fabric across equipment, regardless of the hardware vendors. So why hasn't everyone adopted it yet?


Start planning for SDN architecture

SDN will pay off in time and effort if you implement it into your data center today. Software-defined networking steers traffic patterns, keeps tabs on VMs and transforms the cloud. Continue Reading


The truth about SDN on the market

Software-defined network vendors are bringing SDx to IT shops, but they might be offering up a false hope. Learn about vendor products and their roadmaps before taking the SDN plunge. Continue Reading


Security concerns come with the SDN territory

Software-defined networks run on an East-West traffic pattern, putting your old security plan out of date. Be sure to map out SDN security within deployment roadmaps. Continue Reading


SDN and cloud drive greater efficiency, bigger challenges

Although SDN and cloud enable improvements to the IT environment, are the challenges worth it? Security and encryption are holding back SDN implementation, despite the efficiency and agility in the cloud. Continue Reading


SDN doesn't require an OpenFlow switch

If you want to start implementing a software-defined network into the data center, you don't need to use an OpenFlow switch. Here's what you need to know about choosing an SDN protocol. Continue Reading


VMware pushes the SDDC agenda

VMware is influencing IT shops to abandon their hardware-oriented facility and adopt a SDDC. VMware hopes to convince more of this change with its new version of NSX, but will its mission be successful? Continue Reading

3Get space with SDS-

Save room for software-defined storage

Software-defined storage (SDS) makes storage services more efficient. In SDS, the programming that operates data storage tasks is decoupled from the actual arrays, disks and so on. For it to work, IT organizations must pick the vendor offering that's right for them, and understand the true benefits of SDS.


Breaking down software-defined storage

SDS is making its way into the mainstream data storage market, but it's frequently lumped into the storage hypervisor category. Here is a rundown of SDS's benefits, vendor offerings and more. Continue Reading


How to tell a good SDS offering from the bad

When a technology is much-hyped but underexplained, how do you know what to look for in the purchasing stage? Different vendors approach SDS in various ways. Continue Reading


Do DAS or SAN fit the storage bill?

One is cheap; the other is not. One is flexible and the other isn't. But neither DAS nor SAN meet the needs of most data centers. SDS and cloud can help fill in where these storage technologies leave off. Continue Reading


SDS: Not such a radical idea

Storage virtualization vendors have been working towards SDS for years. The concept may seem radical, but virtualization has influenced storage system architectures for quite some time. Continue Reading


The foundation of a true SDS

Software-defined storage targets decoupled software, automated provisioning and nonproprietary systems. This SDS user shares what to keep in mind for your implementation. Continue Reading

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