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Guide to managing data center costs and the IT budget

Without an up-to-date data center facility and IT equipment, an enterprise can fall behind and lose traction against competitors. Follow these tips to keep servers fresh and data center costs down.


Escalating data center costs can bring IT pros down, so make sure you keep your IT budget down first.

IT budgeting is a crucial and necessary process for enterprises. Your facility -- and everything in it -- requires refreshes at key times to enhance the business. Spending money is inevitable, but you can gain performance, reliability and agility from upgrades without emptying the coffers. To smartly budget IT purchases for new hardware or upgrades, plan, prepare and execute with metrics.

1Pay now, not later-

Spend on servers, CI

What makes more sense for an IT refresh: buying one box that combines multiple functions in an integrated system, or buying several separate systems and tying them together? Paying more for an all-in-one converged infrastructure or for new well-designed servers are smart ways to improve data center efficiency and prevent unnecessary costs later.


All-in-one boxes see long-term payoff

Converged and hyper-converged infrastructures combine major data center functions into one system with one price tag. These all-in-one boxes offer long-term cost benefits. To minimize the effect on IT spending, factor in refresh cycle timing and operating costs of CI and HCI. Continue Reading


Why does CI belong in the IT budget?

Converged infrastructure may cost a lot upfront, but it will pay off long term. CI offers interoperability and better management and visibility, sparing you the irritation of a heterogeneous data center. Continue Reading


Are you buying vendor lock-in, commoditization?

Vendor lock-in and commoditization remain problems for data center servers. Self-contained computing offers benefits to data center operations, but improvements to the server mean a large price tag. Continue Reading


Why isn't IT purchasing new servers?

Don't become the data center struggling along with outdated hardware. Without new servers, the data center will lack innovation and productivity. Open the purse strings to enable virtual machine consolidation, higher-performance apps and better energy use. Continue Reading


New x86 processors for an IT refresh

The future of server processors is looking fast and secure due in part to improvements in chip fabrication and new instructions sets. Budget for servers with these x86 processors -- they will be a boon to your next refresh. Continue Reading


Fit MCS onto existing servers

Memory channel storage mixes storage and memory onto servers to augment big data processing and other concentrated applications. MCS fits easily onto most existing servers, so there's no need to spend on additional hardware. Continue Reading

2If it fits, it sits-

Storage: A large chunk of data center costs

There is a myriad of options when it comes to purchasing data center storage. Between function, efficiency, space and cost, you have a lot to consider, but make sure you take each characteristic into consideration.


Storage arrays fit now, but cost later

When purchasing storage arrays, stay away from the cheapest or the fastest option. You need a storage array that will grow with the business, so factor adaptability into the price. Continue Reading


It's time to spend on flash storage

Flash storage is efficient and cost-effective for certain scenarios. If you're afraid to commit the storage budget to flash-based systems, consider the advantages of write-cycle and the new features to improve network connectivity. Continue Reading


How to save money on storage management

The DAS/SAN debate covers price, simplicity and flexibility. Direct-attached storage is cheap and storage area networks are expensive; neither strategy solves the data center's problems completely. Consider implementing cloud and software-defined storage. Continue Reading


Is heterogeneous storage an illusion?

There are myriad data center storage options: flash, hard drive, cloud and hybrid. Unfortunately, heterogeneous storage architectures are a stone cold capacity killer. Continue Reading


Data protection software guards IT's most valuable assets

If you value corporate information, spend on data protection software. Data-centric, compliance-oriented software stores protect the information a business can't afford to lose. Continue Reading

3Bolster IT with pocket change-

Get data center improvements at minor costs

The data center facility needs periodic updates to survive. Not every update, upgrade or purchase needs to take all of the IT budget, or a lot of time. Make facilities decisions with the budget, and the industry, in mind.


Upgrade the data center over the weekend

Need to enhance performance and reliability without adding data center costs? Not all projects involve a total hardware overhaul. Here are five ways to improve IT operations. Continue Reading


New tech obliterates network performance problems

Investing in new technology such as load balancers and fabric architectures will help solve network bottlenecks -- from inexpensive, swift fixes to strategic capital investments and restructuring. Continue Reading


The real cost of data center energy consumption

Sustainable computing is a green initiative -- not just for the environment. To get your organization on board with eco options, show off the savings from lower energy consumption and how this money can be reinvested in the company. Continue Reading


Improve space, power and cooling on a budget

Data center improvements can give a facility new life -- and cost a fortune. These cooling, equipment, space and power strategies will add up to 10 years to a data center without spending too much money. Continue Reading


Practical tips for DCIM selection

DCIM tools represent possibility. As more companies start down the DCIM deployment path, they need to avoid possible potholes that will waste the investment. Follow these tips to implement data center infrastructure management for the best ROI. Continue Reading

4Money saving tech-

Save with these data center technologies

Start learning about the IT refresh options presented in this guide.

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