Guide to managing data center costs and the IT budget

Last updated:April 2015

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Escalating data center costs can bring IT pros down, so make sure you keep your IT budget down first.

IT budgeting is a crucial and necessary process for enterprises. Your facility -- and everything in it -- requires refreshes at key times to enhance the business. Spending money is inevitable, but you can gain performance, reliability and agility from upgrades without emptying the coffers. To smartly budget IT purchases for new hardware or upgrades, plan, prepare and execute with metrics.

1Storage: A large chunk of data center costs

There is a myriad of options when it comes to purchasing data center storage. Between function, efficiency, space and cost, you have a lot to consider, but make sure you take each characteristic into consideration.

2Get data center improvements at minor costs

The data center facility needs periodic updates to survive. Not every update, upgrade or purchase needs to take all of the IT budget, or a lot of time. Make facilities decisions with the budget, and the industry, in mind.