Guide to building a better IT team structure

Last updated:February 2015

Editor's note

The data center is a space of business-critical daily operations. Is it also promoting innovation? Unhappy, unsatisfied or stifled IT employees can't enable business growth.

Training and staying up-to-date on hot IT skills will keep you ahead of the data center curve, whether looking for a new job or innovating in your current role.

To ensure a better work environment, check the IT team structure for missing links in the operation. Are silos oppressing growth? Are employees feeling undervalued? Have you considered other options, like DevOps, to boost productivity?

Here is what you should be looking for in an IT team structure, and some red flags that signal you're about to lose admins.

1How solid is your IT team structure?

Without a proper IT team structure, your data center is likely to lose track of its mission and fall behind technologically. Don't let an unmotivated staff lead to unproductivity. Here are a few way to ensure the data center succeeds, without jeopardizing your job with risky moves.

2Surrender silos, develop DevOps

You may be comfortable with silos in your data center, but they are likely stifling productivity and growth. Implementing DevOps will improve your IT team structure through collaboration. It all starts with culture.