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Guide to building a better IT team structure

How motivated are data center employees? The answer affects how IT organizations run, which affects the business, so break down silos and ensure a high level of camaraderie, satisfaction and connection to end users.


The data center is a space of business-critical daily operations. Is it also promoting innovation? Unhappy, unsatisfied or stifled IT employees can't enable business growth.

Training and staying up-to-date on hot IT skills will keep you ahead of the data center curve, whether looking for a new job or innovating in your current role.

To ensure a better work environment, check the IT team structure for missing links in the operation. Are silos oppressing growth? Are employees feeling undervalued? Have you considered other options, like DevOps, to boost productivity?

Here is what you should be looking for in an IT team structure, and some red flags that signal you're about to lose admins.

1Good employees cost more-

The value of data center staff

Keeping your employees engaged is paramount in a data center. When you become complacent, innovation and operations suffer. Consider a new IT team structure with additional roles and skills.


Server management pros see the dollars, but not much change

TechTarget's Annual Salary Survey shows mixed feelings among server management pros. While they are generally satisfied with their salaries, they are also anxious to get more work, or new work. Continue Reading


What's an IT employee worth?

The biggest expense in the data center is its employees. Managers are focusing more on an admin's skill, competence, and people skills, but less on their paychecks. Continue Reading


How to land a cloud admin job

If you're looking for a role as a cloud administrator, you need to exhibit cloud knowledge -- and lots more. Prepare to face these five questions in your interview. Continue Reading


Interview questions for the Windows admin

In a crowded industry, it can be hard for an IT admin to stand out. Study these five interview questions to land your next Windows admin job. Continue Reading


Five IT skills that guarantee promotions, raises

Stuck at your job and looking to get a promotion or a raise? Now is the time to invest in training and certifications. These five IT skills will get you to the next level of the data center org chart. Continue Reading


Learn from frustrating IT mistakes

Who would have thought that difficulties and frustrations of IT life are actually the best way to learn? Make the most of incompatible programming languages and limited management. Failure is an option, and it's the best form of training. Continue Reading


Six new data center jobs to consider

Having trouble finding a server admin or cloud architect position? Maybe you aren't looking closely enough in the wanted ads. Start searching for cloud evangelist openings and these other new data center careers. Continue Reading


Which IT skills are necessities for new hires?

While no two jobs are exactly alike, these IT skills are the most important for new hires. Our Advisory Board weighed in on what skills, certifications and experience they look for in job applicants. Continue Reading


Skills you need for tomorrow's virt jobs

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2IT team structure sits on top-

How solid is your IT team structure?

Without a proper IT team structure, your data center is likely to lose track of its mission and fall behind technologically. Don't let an unmotivated staff lead to unproductivity. Here are a few way to ensure the data center succeeds, without jeopardizing your job with risky moves.


Improve IT team structure in 10 steps

You can have the latest and greatest equipment, but without a strong IT team, you might never reach new goals or levels of success. Stay innovative, invest in junior staffers, and follow these other tips. Continue Reading


Lose the hierarchy, gain self-directed work teams

Cloud and DevOps in the data center are paving the way for self-directed work teams. This structure motivates staff and boosts collaboration. But it's important to not lose sight of deadlines and responsibilities. Continue Reading


How to overhaul your IT operational plan and keep your job

If your end users are unhappy with IT services, it's time to rethink the IT operational plan. To come up with a plan that's more agile and innovative, you might need to start thinking like a cloud provider. Continue Reading


IT is the ticket to better business

It's time for IT to take its talents to the board room. If IT and the business collaborate, new opportunities open up for the enterprise. So don't consider the IT team a waste of money -- start getting execs to treat IT as an asset. Continue Reading


How to succeed at digital business

Technology is evolving fast, and if you don't jump on board, you will get left behind. These tips from Gartner's Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference will help create a digital business without putting anyone at risk. Continue Reading


IT complexity rises, businesses vie for control

IT is moving toward managed service providers and cloud computing, but not everyone is ready to relinquish control -- and their servers. Is moving to cloud or managed service lightening business responsibilities? Continue Reading


Tips and tricks for fostering an alternative IT leadership style

Jim Whalen, CIO of Boston Properties Inc., shares tips on how to cultivate a unique IT leadership style that focuses less on technology and more on how you grew up. Continue Reading

3What your IT shop culture says-

Surrender silos, develop DevOps

You may be comfortable with silos in your data center, but they are likely stifling productivity and growth. Implementing DevOps will improve your IT team structure through collaboration. It all starts with culture.


Silos stunt data center development

Now is the time to break down the silo barrier, no matter how used to it you are. Walk away from the silos and towards service providers that focus on helping the business compete in the market. Continue Reading


Employ a unified DevOps culture

It's time to get your data center running more smoothly. Implement a communal monitoring system into your unified DevOps team structure to see less stress and negativity around the IT desks. Continue Reading


Drama-free DevOps in your data center

Many IT professionals working in traditional environments are looking to get out of silos and into DevOps. You can successfully implement a DevOps team structure in the data center, but don't expect it to be easy. Continue Reading


Is DevOps ever a bad thing?

Just because you might have heard a lot about continuous deployment doesn't mean now is the time to implement. Without the right culture and organization in place, you could be looking at a continuous disaster. Continue Reading


Take up ITIL service management

Don't let ITIL principles discourage you. ITIL service management is about guiding IT to meet business needs. See how cost savings and alignment with business are encouraging IT organizations consider it. Continue Reading

4Words to live by-

IT team lingo

As you change the IT team structure, adopt the lingo of DevOps and ITIL.

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