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Get in the know about data center Ethernet

Thinking of updating your data center Ethernet cabling? Want to make sure what you install today will be compliant with future Ethernet standards? TechTarget's Stephen Bigelow has you covered with an in-depth discussion.


Ethernet is not the coolest part of data center management. That title is held by the data center chiller. However, Ethernet is the backbone of the data center.

Advancements in data center Ethernet, such as cabling, speed increases and new standards, help IT workloads as a whole perform at a greater capacity. To make sure your data center can handle new Ethernet advancements, learn about the changes happening from the silicon level to the software layer, and everywhere in between.

1Data center Ethernet A-Z-

A trilogy of Ethernet articles

This data center Ethernet trifecta brings together articles that cover the changes in Ethernet technology today and in the future that will affect communications between servers and storage as well as connections to cloud providers and end users.


The Ethernet evolution pushes forward -- faster

New Ethernet standards not only bring higher speeds, from 100 to 200 and even 400 Gigabit Ethernet in the future, but add greater versatility to existing technologies. Data centers should prepare for the changes coming to network bandwidth. Continue Reading


New chip and cables amp up Ethernet connections

New Ethernet controller silicon and cabling options will bring faster, smarter networks and connections, like power over Ethernet, in the immediate future. Continue Reading


Ethernet advances on the back of SDN and NFV

Software-defined networks and network functions virtualization aid Ethernet's progression from dumb, complex networks to flexible, speedy networks that adapt as needs change in the data center. Continue Reading


Data center Ethernet terminology

Not only do these Ethernet terms help you better understand these articles, they go beyond the topics Stephen Bigelow covered.

3The IT renaissance man-

Ask the expert

Want to learn more about Stephen Bigelow? Click the link to his contributor profile to learn about his background and read other articles he's written.

4Wireless updates hit Ethernet-

How wired networks change with wireless upgrades

Now that Stephen Bigelow has given you a deeper understanding of data center Ethernet, check out this video on SearchCIO with networking expert Shamus McGillicuddy. Learn how upgrading the wireless network may lead to adjusting the wired network.


How wireless changes affect the wired network

Everything from switching, power, cabling and Internet circuits may feel the effects of upgrades to the wireless network.

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