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Expert tips for a next-generation data center

Data centers are a complex mix of sophisticated hardware, evolving platforms and critical business applications. These top tips will inspire improvements to shape a productive, next-generation data center.


Before 2015 even started, data center professionals were gearing up for a year full of cloud adoption, rapid development and deployment, and changes on everything from mainframes to storage.

As the year reaches its halfway point, read the most popular and talked about expert tips among data center and IT readers, and gear up for your future data center.

1Data center upgrades-

Make it work

Data center managers are always trying to stay one step ahead of business needs, which makes upgrade planning a top priority.


Get those infrastructure projects up and running

You still have time to evaluate and plan adoption of Windows Server 2012 R2, virtualize more and use less space, stretch workloads to the cloud and improve your business's approach to mobility, but your peers are adopting these strategies en masse in 2015. Find out why these exercises are important and how they'll modernize your data center. Continue Reading


To the cloud -- or not

Amazon may be a household name, but many IT organizations are just beginning to adopt various incarnations of cloud computing.


Are you cloud ready, or virtualization focused?

Cloud computing promises increased agility and end-user agency over virtualization, but IT organizations may pursue either course to support business objectives. Consider these factors to see which fits for today's efforts or tomorrow's roadmap. Continue Reading

3Flash forward-

Better, faster, stronger storage

Big data and track-everything mentalities have companies reaching previously inconceivable amounts of data center storage.


Make the data center a little flashy

Data center managers can invest in flash storage from small amounts, like a storage boost to high-value servers, or more -- hybrid flash and disk storage arrays. They can even convert to 100% flash storage if they're ready for futuristic, next-gen performance. Continue Reading

4All in on the Linux OS-

Become the ultimate Linux sysadmin

Skilled Linux administrators are in high demand, so it's no wonder that the open source elite want to deepen their understanding of the OS.


Master Linux by creating a distribution

Many next-generation data centers are following the path to Linux, an open source OS. Building your own Linux distribution offers a skilled administrator unprecedented understanding of how the Linux kernel and utilities function. Continue Reading

5Mainframe skills wanted-

Plan ahead for mainframes

Mainframes aren't the hot new thing, but they run the most important data center workloads.


A mainframe staffing strategy

Keeping a roster of skilled mainframe administrators isn't easy, and a transition from the last generation to a new one is also a challenge. But this plan incorporates a mix of outsourcing and insourcing to ensure critical business apps don't fall into disarray. Continue Reading

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