Expert tips for a next-generation data center

Last updated:July 2015

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Before 2015 even started, data center professionals were gearing up for a year full of cloud adoption, rapid development and deployment, and changes on everything from mainframes to storage.

As the year reaches its halfway point, read the most popular and talked about expert tips among data center and IT readers, and gear up for your future data center.

1To the cloud -- or not

Amazon may be a household name, but many IT organizations are just beginning to adopt various incarnations of cloud computing.

2Better, faster, stronger storage

Big data and track-everything mentalities have companies reaching previously inconceivable amounts of data center storage.

3Become the ultimate Linux sysadmin

Skilled Linux administrators are in high demand, so it's no wonder that the open source elite want to deepen their understanding of the OS.

4Plan ahead for mainframes

Mainframes aren't the hot new thing, but they run the most important data center workloads.