Colocated data centers uncut: Avoid these costly errors

Last updated:March 2014

Editor's note

Expansion and rebuilds are pricey, and when your budget can't handle the expenses, colocate. Although colocating your data center involves a lot of planning and research, this essential guide points you in the right direction. You'll find out what to expect, what to inspect and what to avoid.

1Selecting a colocation facility

Colocation services are intended to aid expanding data centers, but sometimes choosing the right provider can be stressful. Learning how to make the right decision and what to expect is imperative for a satisfying, long-lasting colocation relationship.

2Ensuring your colo choice isn't wrong

So you've decided to use a colocation facility. How do you ensure that you won't have a negative experience? Not knowing how to choose the best colo provider can be detrimental to your data center operations. Guarantee that what can go wrong, won't go wrong.